2008 Wrap-Up, Looking Ahead to 2009

For those of you following Tattoosday, I am going to take a different approach to the blog in 2009.

The concept will be the same, but I am going to enhance it a little bit. All posts will be dated and time-stamped around the time that they happened. So, if I don't get around to posting the ink for a few days, it will be back-dated for chronological effect.

I also want to blog above and beyond the successes (i.e. the people who said "No") and expand to other tattoo-related topics, when they arise.

For example, if I stop in Borders and look at a tattoo book, I'd like to link it here. I am hoping to turn all the "no thank yous" into items of interest.

I also have a couple of new features in the works that I hope to unveil in the new year that will continue to make Tattoosday the interesting experience that I believe it is.

In an effort to start out with a clean slate, I am cleaning out my drafts and posting all the remaining drafts I have in house, including several pieces by Jessica, who I met back in June.

Once again I want to thank everyone who regularly reads Tattoosday, and those who visit once in a while. 2008 was a banner year, registering over 100,000 hits this year alone. I'm looking forward to seeing what 2009 will bring. Happy New Year!

More of Jessica's Ink: Blue Stars and Random Art

Here are some more tattoos from Jessica, who inked much of this work herself. She has over 50 tattoos, and has work featured before here.

She has inked some blue stars....

And that is Italy as well, with the red, white and green colors of the country's flag. The blue stars accompany a tomato slice and what I assume to be a Madagascar hissing cockroach...

and a koala bear.....

Thanks to Jessica for sharing all her ink here at Tattoosday.

More of Jessica: A Death's-head Hawk Moth and Knee Flames

Here's more of Jessica's ink. "Flames on my kneecap and the death's head moth from The Silence of the Lambs....."

That is the Death's-head Hawkmoth:

which came to cultural significance when featured on the movie poster for the Jodie Foster movie mentioned above.

Thanks again to Jessica for sharing her ink with us here on Tattoosday!

More of Jessica: Moogoogaipan and Red Foo

Here are the last two pieces I have on Jessica (I'm sure in '09 she'll send me more...). They are her foo dogs, which she has dubbed Moogoogaipan (named after the Americanized Chinese food dish moo goo gai pan) and Red Foo.

Jessica has shared a lot of ink here. She actually has some other foo dogs in an arm sleeve (shown here) which are well worth seeing again. Thanks again Jessica!

one of my all time favorite books

valley of the dolls. Pictures, Images and Photos


wow, what a break so far...and i still have another week. i am truly enjoying my time off, so much relaxing and spending time with loved ones. and shopping! haha. in a way i am actually looking forward to going back to work on monday, i miss my kids and my girlfriends i work with. tomorrow we are heading to tucson so spend new years there, and so many of my girls are going, i am so excited! then we are checking out hank's mom's new 2nd home in scottsdale, visiting friends, and i am getting tattooed on friday...and lauren's birthday party is on saturday night. can't wait. so much good. i loved 2008 but 2009 is going to be a million times better. looking to the future...

here are some random photos from events over the past week!

out with the girls and sweaty from so much dancing!
some of my best girls

adie and me at coyote joe's
adie and me

this photo just makes me laugh because of amb's face. so pissed for some reason!
typical us

hank and me at my parents'. i think he looks so beautiful here. lucky me ;)
i love my husband, isn't he the most handsome guy in the world?!

typical night out with the peters! erin is fixing jps hair. oh i love them.
sooo typical! haha

the whole group for erin's grad dinner hosted by her parents
the whole group at erin's grad dinner

a delicious pomegranate martini. i'm such a light weight though i could only handle a few sips!
pomegranate martini, yum!

amber joy and me
happy birthday, bestie!

sometimes movies really make you think...

benjamin button Pictures, Images and Photos

tonight i went and saw 'the curious case of benjamin button' and i left the theater feeling a mix of many different emotions. without giving anything away to friends who will be seeing it later this week, i will say that at first i felt incredibly depressed. sometimes if i think too much about life and death i start to feel horrible. i have this great love in my life, my soulmate, and i love him more than words could ever do justice. our love story is a great one, and when movies or books, or even moments in life, make me think about loss, i immediately think about hank and overthink the horrible possibility of loss through death. i avoid thinking about things like that because i am an emotional, sensitive person and i get too sad, but this movie brought up that topic constantly throughout its entirety- almost 3 hours. in fact, one of its themes was death. but life also. the idea of losing hank makes me physically ill. i feel sick just typing it out. but although the film does focus on death and losing loved ones, it also focuses on the here and now of life. how we can't go through life afraid of death, because then we miss life. it's a fine line. i love hank so much and i am so scared of losing him, but i can't fully live our life if i am afraid. so we take chances. we live life. and that is the beauty of it all. 'the curious case of benjamin button' made me think about scary things, but also opened my eyes and reminded me that yes life is short, but we make of it what we will. we have a choice everyday to be whoever or whatever we choose. if something bad happens, we can choose to dwell on it, or accept it and move forward; we can start again. throughout benjamin's life, we see him go through many of the changes and milestones we all go through. there was a part in the movie that focused on him and his love getting their first place, living with no furniture, and sleeping on a single mattress. it really put life into perspective for me because our first place was so small, we slept on a twin mattress for one year in a closet sized room turned into a makeshift bedroom, and had nothing. the movie reminded me that all of those things, all of the hard times, and how it's all a journey. it's all part of this amazing story. and looking where we are now, and looking where we were, i am so thankful i appreciated those silly times in our small one bedroom apartment, sleeping in such a small space, heating our apartment with the oven when our furnace broke, and loving each other when we had nothing. it's such a beautiful thing. i left feeling so sad but so happy at the same time. i found the film to be incredibly enlightening, inspiring, and made me appreciate my love with hank so much i can't really capture it on this screen. i believe in love and i believe in living life fully. and although this movie is incredibly sad, it also truly makes you believe that anything in life is possible and reminds you to never waste time in life, or take people for granted. go see it.

Michael's Mariachis Celebrate Life with a Burst of Musical Color

In reconnecting with old college friends through Facebook, my old friend Michael who I haven't seen in almost twenty years sent me an amazing tattoo he has on his right arm.

He sent me before and after shots so we can see the transformation from outline to spectacularly colorful body art. First, the before shots.....

The detail and the line work is exemplary and breath-taking. As someone with a guitar inked on my arm, I can appreciate the intricacies of a finely-drawn instrument. The detail on the mariachi's jacket cuff is incredible.

And now, for some color:

Michael explains the basic premise of this tattoo:
In a sense, this piece is a "memorial" tattoo, although I hate to call it that. Since I grew up in the Southwest, Day of the Dead was a regular thing, so I've always been drawn to that type of imagery, plus I like the meaning -- honoring the dead, and reminding us to live life to the fullest. I picked the mariachis partly because I am so into music, and partly because of the celebratory aspect of mariachis.
Like many intricate tattoos with multiple elements, every part has significance. The tulips, for example, that are growing at the mariachi's feet, "are an actual heirloom varietal that I have in the garden" [and] are for my wife -- tulips are her favorite flower".

And the angel at the top of the piece (and the top of the post)?

Michael informs us that "the angel is for my mother, who is no longer with us. The angel holds a purple iris (my mother's favorite flower), and looks down over the whole scene."

This amazing piece was inked by Susan Behney-Doyle who works out of Jinx Proof Tattoo in Washington, D.C. Mexican folk art is one of her specialties (see a gallery of her work here) and Michael says he "gave her a few reference pieces to look at, but she basically drew it after a consultation". He continues, "we made just a couple tweaks after I saw the drawing, but it's a one-of-a-kind custom piece".

The whole tattoo was crafted back in 2006 over a five-month, seven-session period. Michael notes that one of those sessions was devoted solely to shading the guitar. A closer look at the instrument reveals an incredible complexity of brown variations that truly makes the guitar jump off the skin.

Tattoos I Know: Paul, Part 3, or, The Great Cover-Up of 2008

Earlier this year, I featured the first tattoo belonging to Paul, a co-worker and friend. Later on, he showed me his sleeve (here).

I am just getting around to show you his new work in progress, a cover-up of a tattoo on his right bicep, located above the first one of his that I featured here.

This isn't completed, but it does display a stage of the work that is interesting. Documenting it now will make it more interesting when the piece is completed.

That's an om symbol at the top of the piece. The basic design is a traditional Japanese half-sleeve. The work is done by Horisei at Chelsea Tattoo Company. Horisei inked my friend Rob's traditional Japanese tattoos (here).

Thanks again to Paul for sharing his work in progress here at Tattoosday. We're looking forward to seeing the final work in 2009!

our amazing honeymoon

Moorea French Polynesia, originally uploaded by 5348 Franco.

miss you moorea- we can't wait to go back!

4 hours of sleep face

4 hours of sleep face, originally uploaded by daniellehampton.

what a weekend! i need a weekend...from my weekend? thank goodness i have off for another week. tomorrow i am planning on having a great workout in the early am and relaxing all day long. amber joy and i may see benjamin button too, awesome. hank and i saw bedtime stories today and it was absolutely darling and the sweetest, most heart warming story. go see it! afterwards we went to costco and picked out this rad nikon dslr as part of our xmas present from hank's dad. it's sooo nice and it's going to be fun learning how to use it. we got the most amazing presents this year- i was blown away and i am so grateful. i love our family. so right now i am going to finish watching this episode of footballers wives, get ready for bed and get some sleep! this week is going to be wonderful.


there's nothing wrong with frozen yogurt when it's freezing outside

nothing at all!

good morning!

last night was really fun, and i am so happy to wake up this morning and head to our third (belated) christmas with hank's dad and family. it's sunny outside so it almost tricks you into thinking it is going to be warm and nice but then you step outside to the freezing cold wind, yuck. summer can't come soon enough, i am definitely not a winter girl. anyway, happy sunday morning!

amber's birthday

birthday, originally uploaded by daniellehampton.

what a night!

back from phx

at my parents', originally uploaded by daniellehampton.

and i am getting prepared for the next busy busy week. tomorrow (well, officially today) is amber's bday and we are having a little birthday celebration tonight. i am so excited. i love birthdays, i love parties, and i love amber! awesome.

yay new blackberry!

yay new blackberry!, originally uploaded by daniellehampton.

i ordered this last week and it arrived yesterday! it is so much better than my 8703 model. i was contemplating getting the storm, but laur and hank have it and i really don't like it. i love my cute little pink one!

merry christmas!

the hamptons, originally uploaded by daniellehampton.

thoughts on the new year

this past year was one of the best years of my life. i feel like i really grew a lot as a person and took more steps to becoming the person i envision myself being. i also got married to the love of my life, which was the best day of my life thus far. it's so weird to think back to 2004 when hank and i got together, i never would have thought that four and half years later we'd be married. crazy! so for that reason, i will always hold 2008 in a special place of my heart. we traveled a lot also, going very far out of the country and around the world, and also all over the us. last year i rang in the new year with hank and a few of my friends in tucson. i personally cannot stand tucson, or going to shows on new years eve, but it definitely was the company that night that made it amazing. this year i have to go to tucson again but i know it will be fun. originally i was going to join my friend andrea in paris for a girls' trip but i decided it would be best to stay here, even if it completely saddens me to not be able to be at the eiffel tower counting down 'til midnight. how amazing that would have been! when i knew that wasn't going to happen i also had really hoped to go to a party with dresses, champagne, and dancing, but if i want to kiss my hubby at midnight, tucson it is! and i will make the best of it, amber and adie are coming down with us and we always have the best time. haha, i am getting more excited as i type! now i just need to decide on whether or not i want to suffer the cold and wear a party dress and thick tights or just be comfy in jeans. hmmm...

i am really looking forward to 2009. this year should be bigger than last year even, with lots of changes and amazing things happening. lots of plans...and i am just so excited for all of the "new" and of our next big milestones as a couple!

so goodbye 2008, i loved you a lot. i hope 2009 treats me just as well.

A Knight to Remember: Veronica Shares Her Ink

I received a pleasant surprise yesterday, just before leaving work, when Brooke (see her tattoos here and here) introduced me to her friend Veronica, who was visiting her in the office.

Veronica enjoyed the posts on Brooke's ink, and was willing to share her tattoo with us here on Tattoosday:

I correctly identified the tattoo, on the left side of her back shoulder, as the chess piece known as the Knight.

Although it is a horse, Veronica noted, most people who see it don't realize at first that it is a chess piece.

So why a chess knight?

Several years ago, Veronica went on a date with a guy who had a similar tattoo. Not only had he been a chess player, but his nickname in the military had been "Crazy Horse". He had designed the tattoo himself and Veronica was drawn to it. She knew she wanted one just like it, but they both agreed, as their relationship progressed, that it would only be appropriate if they were married.

Well, we all know where this is heading. When the time was right, Veronica's boyfriend didn't pop the question, he popped the suggestion, "Let's go get that tattoo". Which she did, customizing his original design by making it a little smaller, and adding a feminine curl to the front of the Knight's mane. They went to a shop on Broadway in Santa Maria, California. There are three shops currently on Broadway, so I can't give proper credit to the shop or artist at this time.

The formal proposal came shortly after the engagement was "inked".

Veronica married the man with the matching tattoo but, as life would have it, they split up amicably after three years.

Her ex-husband-to-be told her that he wouldn't be offended if she decided to cover the chess piece up, but the thought never crossed Veronica's mind. She wasn't worried about future girlfriends (or wives) getting the same tattoo. She recognizes it as a unique symbol of a past chapter in her life of which she has little regret.

Oftentimes, people are remorseful about their ink, especially when the piece is tied to a relationship that no longer exists. It is always nice to see a tattoo that holds great meaning, even while transcending a bond that has broken.

So the chess piece remains, and we here at Tattoosday extend our thanks to Veronica for sharing this part of her personal history with us.

my homemade cherry pie baking in the oven!

cherry pie #2

i love cooking and baking so much! i can't wait to be a housewife and do this everyday. not pie though, because i don't want an obese hubby and or kids! haha. back to the kitchen...

*i edited this entry and put the photo of my 2nd cherry pie here instead, it's much prettier!


cheap and new, originally uploaded by daniellehampton.

i wear flats most days to work so i am always looking for cute ones. i love these new ones i recently got- cute and cheap! i got them in black as well. i don't wear my nice shoes to work because in the past i have spilled printer ink, got whiteboard marker on them (how i don't know), or got stepped on by a muddy foot in our crowded hallway. last year i ruined my favorite white tory burch revas and i have been cautious every since. so yay for these, i don't care if they get trampled and they're still super cute.

today is almost tomorrow

today was a really great day! i woke up very late and ended up just relaxing until lunchtime. i met up with adie and spent the afternoon with her- lunch and chit chats. i got home and dustin and caleb were over to cook and watch football, so of course i went upstairs because i can't stand watching sports! it's weird to me because i used to be a super competitive athlete but i just don't find enjoyment in watching them on tv. i don't mind basketball but football is just torture. so yes, i spent the evening organizing my closet and putting away a lot of new stuff from this past weekend, and also catching up on some letters/cards i need to mail out tomorrow. the boys ended up cooking homemade calzones. i had a bite of hank's and they actually tasted really great. so then i went to the gym and just got home an hour or so ago to an empty house- hank's at practice. so madeline and i are just being lazy hanging out in bed.

tomorrow i have so much baking to do. i was supposed to get started tonight but i decided to wait until tomorrow morning. we have 3 christmases to celebrate which means a million presents to wrap! i love christmas so much.

here's a video i just took of madeline burrowing to get comfy, she's so cute and lazy!

Tattoos I Know: Mary-Lee's Paternal Inscription

I'm particularly proud of this particular tattoo story because it hatched out of Tattoosday itself, in a roundabout way.

The signature above is a freshly-inked autograph of a man who has been dead over forty years. It graces the back of Mary-Lee, who I have known and worked with for a decade. The signature is that of her father.

Earlier this year, Mary-Lee, who has regarded the Tattoosday hobby of mine with a curious amusement, was moved by the story of Kate's tattoos (here), especially the one of her twin sister's signature. Kate's sister had died in a car crash the previous year, and the name of her sister, in her own handwriting, is a touching and beautiful memorial.

Upon hearing this tale, and seeing this tattoo, Mary-Lee began thinking of a similar tribute, made all the more remarkable by the way the stars lined up to make this happen.

Her father died at the age of 53, when Mary-Lee was only eleven years old. She was a typical Daddy's Girl, and has never forgotten the sudden nature of his passing, and the absence of closure, as she was not allowed to go to his funeral.

So, as the anniversary of his death approached on December 4, and she realized that this anniversary was special in that she is the same age as he was that he died, she decided it was only fitting to get her first tattoo, honoring her dad, at the same age as he was on the day he died.

The final question was, would she be able to get it inked after 6pm on the anniversary? She doesn't know the exact time he left this world, only that it was after 6pm.

She started looking for a reputable shop in the area, and stumbled upon Red Rocket Tattoo, located between work and her home in Manhattan. She booked an appointment after 6pm on December 4 with Betty Rose well in advance. As if the kismet of the dates lining up wasn't enough, Red Rocket is where our friend and co-worker Paul (see his ink here) had his work done, and Betty Rose was the girlfriend of Chris (see his ink here) with whom I served a brief stint of jury duty over the summer.

When December 4 rolled around, everything went smoothly. Betty Rose had lifted the signature from the old ssocial security card that Mary-Lee still had in her possession, enlarged it, and placed the stencil in the perfect spot on the first attempt.

She is very pleased with how the nuances of the signature were picked up in the process, and loves how the inked reproduction is tilted "upwards, toward heaven".

And, whether it is the physical fineness of the lines and minimal surface area the tattoo affects, or whether there is a paternal heavenly influence with its hand in the process, Mary-Lee has marveled that she has experienced none of the typical symptoms that come with a healing tattoo.

This lack of self-consciousness about the ink, combined with the minimal pain and aftercare required, has validated for her the transcendent healing nature of her tattoo.

And it has helped her obtain another level of closure that she never received when she lost her father at the age of eleven.

Thanks to Mary-lee for sharing her tattoo and its story here with us on Tattoosday!

good morning...this is my tired face

i just woke up and it is past 10am! how did that happen?! it is my first "official" day of break though- right now i should just be starting my 3rd period. it feels so good to know i am being paid to sit in bed, drink tea, and watch footballers wives! awesome.

4 days!

ambiiie!, originally uploaded by daniellehampton.

until amber is hoooome!!!!!


what a weekend! i am sad to be back in prescott but also happy to be home, it's a bittersweet thing. i didn't have time to see any friends while i was home but this week should be a lot better! my mom is doing totally great though, so that is good!

here are some photos from this weekend-

beautiful simba!
profile of a king

hank and me, he looks so irritated!
hank looks happy ;)

and my hair has grown a lot recently. it's half up obviously. yay hair! keep doing your thing!
my hair is getting so long!

there are a few more photos on my flickr too!

hank is off to practice now and i am going to watch some freaks and geeks!