moving is the pits.

we're moving right now. well, actually hank and dustin moved us all day while i was at work and now i am sitting here trying to avoid having to go out in the cold! i haven't been spending a lot of time online so i haven't had a chance to update in awhile. my dad is doing wonderfully, he had a triple bypass and is already home and moving around. i am so relieved and proud of his strength. hank is finishing up school this semester. he is having to take an emt class to gain the knowledge he'll need for the company- his mom believes it is best if he understands all facets of the industry and i totally agree. he hates blood and anything injury related though so this semester definitely won't be his favorite. as for me, i am just really excited to already be halfway through the 3rd quarter at work and i am already focusing on the spring and summer coming up. i am living in the moment, but i am still counting down until sundresses and bikes can come out and we can spend the summer traveling and having fun. i suppose i should get a move on (literally, ha ha) and pack my clothes into my car to transport. i'll post pics of our new home later.