new week

hank is out with his dad and just called to ask me if i wanted him to bring home any sushi! i am so starving and at the very moment i went to go make some toast i heard my phone ring. praise jesus. sushi is so much better than toast. so obviously we are back in prescott, i am sitting here on the couch about to watch the real world that i dvred last week. i've spent most of my time in the hospital with my dad the past week so i have a million shows to catch up on. and speaking of my dear dad, he is doing so well, out of intensive care and in a regular room. he should be home by saturday. this week will be a good one. hank and i will be moving, my dad is on the road to recovery, and i have a slew of packages arriving filled with various spring time goodies- dresses, shoes, and jewelery. i am counting down the moments until i can ride my bike all around town, wear dresses with no cardigan and tights, and go on morning runs without layer upon layer. prescott is beautiful year round, but the summers are quite amazing. our new home is right downtown by the square and i am so glad to be living back down there. this is our last move before we buy, and i am excited to save our money (we'll be saving almost $800 a month at our new place!). we are going from a 3 story, 3 bed, 4 bath modern townhome to a 1 bed, 1 bath victorian (built in 1909). the only reason we ever moved into this large place was because we lived with one of hank's friends, but when he got back together with his girlfriend he moved out, leaving his with a huge rent payment and way too much space. i am really looking forward to turning in these keys and being done here. our new place is so charming. even though it is a one bedroom, the rooms are quite big, open and airy. i hate moving, but love that we are getting out of here! right now i am going to put away some new clothing i got this weekend when hank took me shopping and then get ready to eat some delicious sushi. then food shopping and bed. i'm excited to welcome in a new week.