back to work I go

Today was my first day back at work after spring break, which should be a pretty loathsome day but surprisingly I had a great time. I started my day off on the right foot and woke up at 4:45am and got to the gym by 5am when it opened. I did my cardio and came home to a great homemade protein shake. It's seriously the best, and so, so good for you. Here's the recipe:

1 cup almond milk
1 scoop protein powder (I use whey protein)
1 teaspoon bee pollen (I'll go into this in a minute)
1 teaspoon finely ground flax
frozen organic mixed berries
frozen organic peaches
fresh org strawberries!

Add it all in a blender and there you go! It's the most delicious, nutritious start way to your day. Combining the complex carbs and protein is the best thing you can do, and it's great for after a workout. You can vary the fruit and even do a banana/almond butter smoothie, just peaches, etc. The aforementioned fruit is just what I had in the house today so that's what I used.

Bee pollen is a super amazing supplement that has a lot of health benefits. It's toted as a "super food" because it has all of the complete nutrition you'd need for one day. It is a veritable alphabet of vitamins, tons of trace minerals, it's a natural appetite suppressant, it contains "more protein by weight than beef," and it smells and tastes yummy. It also is a great topper on your oatmeal in the morning or even dissolved in hot water if you're not wanting to eat. I really recommend it!

In other news, I am looking forward to heading down to Phoenix again this weekend to attend Run With the Hunted CD release show, and to see Sarah's new band, Ready Resist! Then the following week I get tattooed...awesome. I have a million things planned and I'm excited to get to work on them. The high school's prom is in a week too and Hank and I are chaperoning! Haha! It should be adorable.

Soo, tonight is a totally relaxing night, I cooked dinner and now Hank is watching the Suns game in the living room and I am about to watch "Let the Right One In." I hope it's good!