What a week! Tomorrow morning we are finally heading home to Prescott, and I am so, so sad to leave my best friend. It's hard to have Autumn and her family live all the way out here but within a year she will be back in Arizona, thank goodness. I am way too tired to go into all the details of our trip right now but here are some random photos from the rest of the week:

Chloe and me this morning

entering Disneyland yesterday
more us

leaving the Disney Railroad!
leaving the disney railroad

Hank and his ice cream
ice cream

Hank looks amazing here!
hank is priceless here, you can kind of see me!


Autumn and J at Bill's accordion concert!
the loops!

downtown with hank

cupcakes from Frosted on 2nd Street
frosted cupcakery. hank's butterfinger cupcake is in this good.

Chloe already loving Marc ;)
chloe already loves marc!

Long Beach, in front of Autumn's house
long beach

at the beach on Monday
beautiful day today


Uncle Hank teaching Chloe all about Apples.
Uncle Hank teaching Chloe important stuff ;)

at Yogurtland!
Hanky and Autumn