almost Friday, almost there

I just got home from a late night gym session and I am feeling great, despite today actually being a pretty shitty day at work. I won't get into it because I don't want to talk about personal work stuff here, but just know that I had to deal with a violent situation at school which totally scared and disheartened me. Hank totally cheered my grumpy self up though, we did our usual afternoon stroll with Madeline and picked up Hugos on the way home. Yum!

But now that the week is winding down, let me say- what a week! Lately I feel like I am just going through the motions until the next weekend comes. I hurry and get out of work to come home so I can hang out all night, go to the gym uncharacteristically late, go to bed later, wake up later, etc etc. Then the weekend comes...sweet, sweet weekends! Hank doesn't work at the salon on Saturday anymore so we can just stay in bed as long as we want. Even though we don't want to start having babies for awhile, I think about how these are the times we need to really savor, life is still so slow and easy, and it's such a luxury to do as we please, all weekend long. One day when we have kids and other responsibilities I'm sure we will look back to these days fondly. And even better, I only technically have three weeks of work left. I know this is why I am behaving in such a weird way in terms of staying up so late and not really accomplishing very much in terms of grading/work! I have a stack of essay tests I need to grade and keep putting them off. Oh well, I have three weeks to get them done. I am already feeling like it is summer though, because of all of the traveling and Hank and I spending every day outside in the sun.

I drove down to Phoenix yesterday to pick my ring back up (they had to repair a prong and sauter my wedding and engagement rings together). I was so sad without them for a week but now they're back home on my finger. I also came down to get tattooed and that was great as usual, minus the pain of course. I got the back of my neck tattooed with a cute nesting doll (the first one I ever got from Russia!) and she turned out beautifully. We also set the date next month for my thigh. Fun fun.

This weekend Hank (Hour of the Wolf) has a show Saturday night and I am anticipating another wonderful, relaxing two days. Next week I only work Monday-Wednesday because Jenn and I are spending Thursday and Friday at another high school doing portfolio judging, which is awesome. And then that next week is Shirley's charity event- Viva in Scottsdale, so we will be spending that weekend in Phoenix. Autumn and the family will be in town and I cannot wait, I am counting down the minutes. Annnd I/we are super stoked because our favorite frozen yogurt place from Long Beach, Yogurtland, finally opened their store down there. They aren't quite as healthy as Pinkberry but much cheaper and a much better selection. Their green tea flavor is to die for.

Alright, it's almost 11:30 so I am off to bed, I'll leave you with some photos from yesterday and this afternoon!

driving down
driving down to phoenix to get tattooed

frozen yogurt from yogurberry
yogurberry, mmm!

a little closer

today, before our walk, squinting in the sun
heading out on our afternoon stroll

Hank and Madeline
hank and madeline

We saw Jenn (my next-door teacher, great friend, and fellow fitness aficionado) riding her bike by Hugos, so I snapped a pic! She is so cute and a hardcore triathlete.
ran into cute jenn biking on the road in front of hugos