My birthday party is in just about two weeks now and I am super excited. My sister rented out a rollerskating rink for the occasion and we will be skating for three hours in the middle of the night, and have the rink all to ourselves. Hour of the Wolf is playing, and we're baking a million cupcakes. We're also making an awesome playlist of all the old school rollerskating tunes we used to skate to in the 80s and 90s. Yay! I invited some more friends today, some old friends and some new friends, some acquaintances. The more the merrier, really. I'm not one of those people who doesn't like getting older. In fact, I love it! I really cherish birthdays and I love celebrating, and I'm so glad another year has gone by successfully, as silly as it sounds. My real birthday is May 29th, but we'll be on the Jersey shore then, and the weekend before we will be in that's why we're celebrating a bit early. So many of my old friends will be making it out to rollerskate and it really warms my little heart they will be there.
Like I said, on my actual birthday, we will be out of town, and Hank's birthday is two days after, so we'll be having dinner at one of our favorite pizza places, Federici's, and then ice cream on the boardwalk, ride some of the rides, etc. I can't wait!