Shopping at my favorite cheap place!

This was from the other week, when I was dress shopping with Autumn via cell-phone photos. I ended up getting this cute little floral number, amongst too many other things as usual. Forever21 is a bit of a problem for me...they often have cute things (very hit or miss though in my opinion- when it's good it's good, but when it's's all beaded hippie shit), but they're cheap and don't last. I'd really rather invest in better quality clothing, but cute, cheap things are irresistible! I usually can't leave the store without a few things, and luckily they are mostly about $25.00 each! I am looking forward to when H&M opens, but I know the selection won't be great if they don't end up carrying the Ladies Trend line. And even so, I know the store here won't even compare to the larger city's stores. But we'll see.

And NOW, off to bed. ;)