Tattoorism: Erika's Yellow Rose

I've been remiss in sharing Erika's tattoo, which she sent me almost two months ago. So let's have a visit from her lovely rose tattoo:

I'll let Erika explain the artowork:

"...[this] was done at Miami Ink [actually called Love Hate Tattoo Studios]. Not by anyone on the show, as they only tattoo for the show, but they have a group of very talented artists who are not featured. This tattoo has a very personal meaning for me. My mother's favorite flower is the yellow rose, so the rose represents her. I have a very close bond with my mother and tell her absolutely everything, and she means a lot to me. As for the two thorns? Representing me and my sister. Yes, we are the thorns in her side, but we also protect her.

I went into Miami Ink with a couple of pictures of yellow roses, as I wanted it to be just going into bloom (that's when I think roses are at their most beautiful) and told them I wanted it to curve around my ankle bone. They drew up a design in an hour and I liked the very first thing they showed me. I always get comments on it when it's exposed, and it remains my favorite of my 6 tattoos. They did such a lovely job with the shading and I think it's beautiful!

And for the record, it's the only tattoo I have that my mom kind of likes."

Here's a shot of the tattoo, just after it was completed. You can see the source material in the background:

Erika followed up with more information:

"James [Hamilton] (pictured below with Erika) was the artist and he was great. I was in Miami over Spring Break in March 2007 and that's when it was done. Ami James was hanging around the shop when I went, so I got to meet him as well..."

Thanks so much to Erika for sharing her rose tattoo with us here on Tattoosday!