Thursday night

Last night was one of the best nights I have had in a long time! Amber Joy, Sarah and I started the night off with sushi at Esoji. I thought the food was delicious as usual, and it was Amber and Sar's first time hanging out so it was fun to all get to sit and girltalk for awhile.

Here's me, barefoot?
oh hey!

at dinner
at esoji

Amber Joy, not stoked on the $2.75 green tea...from Safeway! They need to take the little tag off...people do not want to spend that on a ten cent tea bag and hot water.
not stoked on the safeway green tea...for $2.75

After dinner we went down to Coyote Joe's to see a band my friend Layla really likes and to get some drinks. One thing I will say about living up here, and living right downtown, is that it is so nice to be able to walk everywhere, and walk home at the end of the night. I've mentioned it a million times, but our summers up here are amazing and last night was no exception- it was about 70 degrees or so and perfect. So anyway, we hung out there for awhile and had a great time. My friend and fellow English teacher Jennifer came down too which was great. Oh, I also have to mention how happy it made me that Amber and Sarah got along so well. They are both two of my closest friends and I have been telling each of them for ages how much they would love each other. I am pleased to say that I was definitely right! Isn't it great when two of your friends become friends? Love it.

the girls

banger sisters

After Coyote Joe's we walked down Whiskey Row and decided to make a stop into some of the ridiculousy ghetto bars and do some dancing. The bars down there are either super country or have hip hop on, and we ended up in one that was having its weekly hip hop night. Aside from the almost scary people there we had the best, best time dancing and being silly.

dance dance

Here's a really silly video Jenn took of us dancing-

After dancing for a bit we decided to go down to the Rodeo Dance. Unfortunately once we got there we realized it was the all ages night (Friday and Saturday were 21+) so we met our friends and left pretty quickly. Events like that are not fun at ALL when you walk in and half of your students start yelling your name. Super awkward. So we took a couple photos, danced for a few minutes, and hightailed it out of there.

Yup, here we are sitting on a bale of hay :)
yes, we are sitting on a bale of hay

Scott totally looking the part
cutest friends

kris looking good

Paco and me
paco and me

cute sarah at the rodeo dance

After we left we decided to go back and spend the next three hours dancing. Awesome. I could dance for days, I love it- especially to cheesy top 40 hip hop and/or 90s music.

amber joy

Around 1am Melanie and JP got up from Phoenix and joined us, which was awesome.
mel and me

Paco, still in Western gear
hey paco

sar and mel


At 2am we walked back to our house and ended up having Jordan and Kyle over, and staying up until 5am...which is super close to when I usually wake up. I am not into staying up that late at all, but it was a super fun night with great friends.

I am really looking forward to tomorrow- 4th of July parade, fireworks and fun! :)