today, today

What a day. I am so exhausted and about to go to oh, 9:30pm. Very excited about this. I had a really busy schedule today, so I woke up at 4:45am after going to bed at midnight so I could get my workout done. So I did that, went to work oh-so-very tired and had a crazy busy on my feet day, and then had meetings until late afternoon. When I got home Hank and I headed over to Jean's house to watch Obama's speech. Now, I really refrain from getting political here, but I do have to say that it is getting harder and harder for me to be friends with people who are crazy Conservative Republicans, and I have quite a few friends in this category. I love them for who they are, but I DO NOT love the ignorant comments they post all over Facebook. It takes every single ounce of any self control I have to not respond and say, "Oh really, exactly what lies is Obama spreading?" and "Oh, so you really believe he has a death panel and will KILL your grandma?!" It's ridiculous. Maybe I'm ridiculous for getting so insane about this but I don't know if it's possible for me to be friends with people who I now consider part of the birther movement. It makes me sick. These are the same friends who I KNOW know nothing about politics, aside from the 10 minutes they spend giving FOX News a cursory glance. Hank and I are on the same page, thank god, and we both have a shared dislike of this ignorance. Now, if you are on the other side of the fence about politics, you may be thinking that I am the ignorant one, and that's fine...but I really feel in my heart of hearts that the Right Wing Conservative sect of our government is ruining America. And this is not an uneducated statement- I read a lot of history and politically minded current affairs books, and stay up to speed with politics. I have a lot of strong opinions about a lot of things going on, but this blog isn't really an avenue I'd like to express that in. More than anything, I just wanted to share how disgusted I am with the idiotic comments I read all day long on Facebook from people I always had respect for- people I always thought were intelligent! Maybe it's unfair, but once I know someone's stance on certain things, it's hard for me to see them in the same light.

But anyway, that was quite the little rant. You should hear Hank and I go on and on, it's too funny. Other than Obama's speech, which I thought was brilliant- minus the idiot Republican lawmaker heckling him, I've been home relaxing. I am very, very happy because one of my favorite students in the whole world went up to NAU this year as a freshman, rushed Pi Beta Phi, and got her bid last night! It may sound cheesy but it's a very special and emotional thing for me because she is now sharing in something that is one of the most cherished things in my life. She is going to go through so many of the wonderful things I got to experience, and all of the Pi Phis before me got to, since the 1800s. She's been in my class since she was a sophomore, so I've gotten to know her very well, and I've always told her how perfect she would be as a Pi Phi. And now this little circle is being completed- very awesome! I know sororities may seem strange to many of you, but the four years I spent in Pi Phi were some of the most influential, positive years of my life and it's just amazing to see someone else take part in it. I credit Pi Phi for bringing two of my dearest friends into my life- Autumn and Shirley, and many other special people. I will be going up to NAU for Homecoming activities with Shirl, Erin and Alana, and it's going to be so nice to reconnect with so many of our long lost college friends. I'll also be up again to help out with Initiation in November and I'm really looking forward to being there for that.

This week is almost done, which I am very happy about! I'll be in Las Vegas with Lauren this weekend, helping Hank's sister usher in her 21st birthday on Saturday night. It should be a blast. As for now, our bed is calling my name so off I go...Goodnight all!