don't feel good today :(, originally uploaded by daniellehampton.

Does anyone else struggle with feeling anxious? I think maybe if I could change one thing about myself it would be this. It's not so bad that it debilitates me in any way, but it's annoying when I don't fee like myself, and it's annoying when it ruins parts of my day. It's hard to explain what triggers it, but if I start to feel rushed or panicky, I begin to feel very overly stressed out, like nothing I'm doing is right. The only people I have found that can help in these situations are my Mom, sis and Hank. And even with Hank, he has had to really learn how to deal with me when I get like this. It's definitely not a common thing, but when it does happens it's really upsetting and I know I have to take some time and just sit and breathe until I feel okay again. During this time I hate to be touched or even talked to, it only makes things worse. In my lifetime I have only had about two or three full blown panic attacks, the last being in 2006, in the shower (weird I know), and I'm happy to say I definitely know how to handle it. Heat is something that really triggers my "panicky" feeling, and I don't mean like summer time heat, but more so really hot showers like I mentioned above. The few times I have actually had anxiety attacks have been in the shower, as odd as that sounds. Who knows if that's a common thing though! So this morning I woke up with that feeling- luckily I went to workout right away so that helped a lot but the feeling still lasted all the way through breakfast and I still feel a little weird now. I know tomorrow is a new day and I am looking forward to waking up feeling great! When I'm feeling sad or anxious I think it's easy to forget that there's always a fresh start, and it helps me to think about the fact that I will more than likely wake up tomorrow feeling a-okay. This photo I included is from this morning while I was checking my email pre-outdoor workout, I look annoyed and I guess this is my "I'm not feeling so hot" face! After writing this, I feel a little weird, as it was a little personal, but whatever, I'll leave it. :) I hope I didn't bore you with ramblings about my sometimes sad days. I know we all have them, we just don't always talk about them.

Have a wonderful end of your weekend blog friends!