Tattoo time!

I got tattooed yesterday, for an annoyingly long time, but Cory and I finished two large pieces we've been working on- my left rib panel and my right thigh. I feel so happy that they are complete, and now everything on my body has been finished and I can move on to bigger and better things! I really, really want to tattoo my neck but I know that's not the smartest idea, as I'm still working for the time being. Patience is good. :) I'll probably just knock out the rest of my other rib panel so I can be done with that horrible spot. Still unsure though. But anyway, here are some photos from yesterday- just low-quality blackberry ones- but as soon as my swelling goes down a bit I'll post nice photos of my finished, beautiful pieces. Thanks Cory!

me, wondering if I can sneak out before he notices- escaping finishing up my ribs yet again! haha.


HOUSE OF PAIN- I am loving the new setup
new setup, love it

finishing my thigh piece

annnnd the most painful part of the day!
getting my rib panel finished