Ups and downs


So, I've been thinking about how in many of our blogs, we usually just write about the happy stuff, the easy stuff. Why do we want to clutter up our own little corner of the internet with sad ramblings and depressing topics? I think many of us try to just put our best face forward, and I know that although I do share my day to day life with all of you, I don't usually share things in my day that get me down, or make me sad. Because really, why would I? But I think it's important to be open and honest, and for the most part I think I've done that here. I am typically a very happy person. But like most things in life, there is a down for every up; an equally negative reaction for every positive one. In my life I've had struggles with depression. My best friends know that I tend to go through mini-cycles, and when I'm up I'm great- I'll stay in touch, I'll want to hang out. But when I'm down, I retreat into myself and cannot and will not be coaxed out to talk or spend time with anyone until I feel like it. In my younger years it was worse. As I get older I've learned how to cope and deal with my ups and downs and I feel that I pretty much have a handle on it. My downs don't last for any more than a day, and I would even say they're reserved for the more hormonal times in the month. But like I said earlier, I think because I'm so incredibly happy, and I feel those emotions so strongly, my ups are up...but my downs and very down, very low. Hank can attest to this. Certain things attribute to me feeling down- alcohol consumption for one. And I definitely do not get sad while drinking- I am the happiest drunk in the world! But a few days later I can definitely feel a little "low" hit me. Some other "sad" triggers: not getting enough sunlight, if I don't work out regularly or eat healthfully, if I don't get enough sleep, if I let the house or my classroom get even a little messy, or if I get behind on anything in my life (grading, etc). So basically I've learned to manage all of these things, and luckily I don't get sad too often anymore. I know emotions are a normal part of life, but like anyone else, I try to avoid feeling down as much as possible! So, in the spirit of actively pursuing happiness, I thought I would make a list of things I do to "get out of a funk," and I hope you will add to the list!

-working out outdoors! Although I am a total gym rat, if I am feeling low I know I need to go outside. Once the fresh air hits me I am a transformed woman!

-listening to sad music! Weird, I know. But for some reason if I listen to emotional songs it's almost like an outlet for me and when I'm done listening it cheers me up quite a bit.

-watch funny videos on Youtube! Hank and I have some tried and true favorites that always, always make me laugh. King Curtis is probably my number one go to dude for this job- he is hilarious.

-look at old photos! I am a total photo person and take pictures everyday. It makes me happy to see myself happy and to remind myself of how great life really is!

Okay so those are a few of the things I do to keep myself going when the going gets rough!

What are some of your sad triggers? What are some things you do to get out of a funk?