What a weekend!

Oh my, this past weekend was just so much fun! Friday night I spent a quiet night in, in preparation for an insane workout Saturday morning and friends coming into town Saturday night. Our workout Saturday AM was intense. Robyn and I spent about two hours doing a combination of plyos and cardio and although it was pretty hellish while we were doing it, I love working out so it's a love/hate kinda thing. Afterward we walked down to the coffee shop had a yummy breakfast of oatmeal and green tea and then went shopping for awhile. Later that day Suki got into town and we started getting ready for the evening, and then Crystal got up to Prescott about an hour later. Robyn brought over some yummy fruit, etc and we had a little girl's party which turned into a girl's dance party, which turned into downtown bar hopping, which turned into a Hot Skin show, which turned into one of the most fun nights ever.

Here are some photos -

10 year friendship anniversary! So fun.
10 years of a wonderful friendship <3333

I wore one of my all-time favorite skirts :)
pencil skirt


in Hank's office

Best friends <3

girls night

fab five

Harry Potter dance party? Okay.

me, wearing one of my WINTER COATS! yay!
me, stoked about being able to wear a winter coat!

so cute


love her

Many a broken toenail...ugh. How did each of my toes get smashed?
the aftermath of my bloody, broken in half toenail...and my painful other injured toes...

crazy girls

Suki Su!
Suki Su!

Crystal and me
Crystal and me

end of a long night...

The next day we spent the afternoon downtown having lunch with Tyler and Hank, then having girltalk in bed until my gal pals went home. I was sad to see them go, but in two weeks we shall be reunited for some good times.

Good morning!
Crystal epitomizing how she feels in a photo

Sunday morning