home sweet home

Today was a very, very trying day at work. For my new readers, I am a high school English teacher, teaching four sections of 10th graders and one section of 12th graders. I normally love my job, and rarely have discipline problems or any reason to dislike my work day. Today though, was one of those rare horrible days. I don't want to get into it (those of you who saw my tweets earlier, before I erased them, know a bit of what happened). I just feel like it may be a bit unethical/unprofessional to discuss child-related issues in a public forum. Hence the deleted tweets. Just know that a student said horrible things to me and the situation escalated (not by my own doing), and it was just a bad, bad day. Luckily I am at home now, but tomorrow I will have to deal with all of this with the administration and child. I am very proud of myself with how I handled it, and so are the other adults who witnessed it, so that's a plus. My head hurts though, from the crying I did (not in front of the student mind you!), and my heart hurts that someone could be that cruel. Regardless though, I was upset at the time, and when it escalated further after school I was more upset, but I refuse to let it affect me anymore. I came home to a huge hug from Hank and mac and cheese cooked by my darling. What could be better? So now I'm just trying to shake it off and get back to my happy self. I will say that I although I do love my job because I don't deal with things like this a lot, I recognize that some instructors do deal with situations like this quite frequently. So my hats off to them! Teaching can be a trying, tough profession that wears on you emotionally.

So. In other news, Hank leaves for a very, very small tour this Thursday. I was going to go along but decided to be responsible and not take off so many days during my Senior's presentations. Besides, a certain best friend's birthday trip is coming up and I need to use days then. We get ten days off per year, in addition to all the paid time for holidays (it's a pretty sweet deal), and the days roll over. Some veteran teachers have hundreds! I personally like to use them all every year. ha. So anyway, I'm sad he's leaving but he'll have a blast. Friday I am having a girly sleepover with Suki, and then Saturday it's shopping with Shirley and dinner with her, Alana and Erin. Sunday is family day, and Nanny's birthday. I'm so excited to see all of my friends and have some good, solid hangout time. It's also nice to stay busy when Hank is gone. When he gets home there are going to be lots of changes taking place and I'm very very excited about all of them. It's so great to open new chapters in life, and to be able to look with optimism at the future. And that's where we are...it's a great place to be!

As for right now, I am going to be a lazy little thing and continue to rest in bed. I may watch a movie or I may nap. It sounds silly but I am emotionally exhausted and need a little break. Gym later for sure though.

Happy Monday, everyone. xo