Thoughts on blogging

So, I just spent about twenty minutes looking through a lot of my past blogs. In my strange little head I had somehow convinced myself that I had gained an awful lot of weight and I suppose I was looking for reassurance that either I had or hadn' I decided to look through a million photos. It got me thinking about this whole process. I'm definitely not a public person in my "real" life...I'm not one to spill the beans about anything, outside of my circle of close friends. I'm not even one to make a new friend that I truly let into my world without really beginning to trust that person. So it's interesting to me that I am so public in this process. I love documenting my life; I love being able to look back on every entry and see Hank and I grow (hopefully not fatter though, as I had thought earlier this evening! hah!), and to read our story on this computer screen. I often get self-conscious though, because the blogging process is really an extremely self-centered kind of thing. And I don't say that in a negative way at all- I love blogging- but I just sometimes feel very funny doing it. Kind of like, here's a picture of me, here's a photo of my feet! Here's a picture of a dress I love, my dog, my closet, a rant about my hair, a paragraph about my job, more photos of my face, me me me! And it makes me uncomfortable when I step outside of myself and look in at times. At the same time though, it's my blog. It's my space to do with as I please. But like I mentioned before, putting my life out there is a little unnerving. I love sharing it with all of you, but every once in awhile I am hit with this feeling like, "oh my gosh my life is so public, this is weird!" It makes me ask myself, why am I doing this? Why do we blog? Why do you blog?

For me, it's because I love documenting my life. I love reading other people's blogs about their own story, and I like adding to that blogging melting pot. I'm a writer by nature, and I love taking photos, so it's nice to have an avenue to just kind of empty out my head, either about my feelings or simply about my day. It's neat to get support and feedback from people who may or may not have gone through very similar things. So, that's why I blog. To record our life in a safe place and to have a little creative outlet. And with that said, I'd love to know your thoughts on this- do you ever feel weird being so public? Why do you blog?