Today's festivities

Today was a great day! I woke up early and made Hank cinnamon rolls, and I love that he woke up to the house smelling so delicious! We spent the morning watching the parade and then Hank watched some football, and in the afternoon we headed over to Hank's Mom's to celebrate our second Thanksgiving. It was such a fun day filled with great food and family. I didn't take too many photos, as I was busy most of the day, but here are the few I took. I hope all of you had a fabulous time!

our house, leaving to head over to Hank's Mom's
heading over to Hank's Mom's

Hank, super tired! Mid yawn ;)
tired boy!

GJ and Uncle Don

It was such a pretty sunshiney day!
sunshiney day

before the kitchen got crazy!
before the madness!

setting up the table
the setup

Hank's tofurkey

spinach, mmm

my sis-in-law Brooke and me :)
sister in laws!

Hank and his sister

she loves her Dad!
she loves her Dad

front yard 2

seriously SO sunny out...even though it was cold
soo sunny out!

the whole table
the whole table

Happy Thanksgiving! :)
Happy Thanksgiving! :)