Today marks the first day of Thanksgiving vacation! I spent the morning at my mother-in-law's, prepping for our feast tomorrow. Six pies, two turkeys, and many side dish preps later we were done! Hank's mom is truly a "Martha," so I always take advantage of any opportunity to learn from her! So it was a great morning. Now I'm sitting here, bundled up in a blanket, trying to will this headache to go away. I am going to start watching The Hours in a moment, for the first time. I'm excited. I'm planning on a relaxing rest of the day- movie, organizing some things in the guest room, and gym time later on.

Here are some random photos I snapped today -


sad face :(
sad face :(

how we display some of our polaroids- shadow box with photos pinned inside
how I display some of our polaroids

some tattooed ladies on our wall
tattooed ladies on our wall

Have a happy Wednesday!