Weekend post #1

Last night was so fun- it's so incredibly nice to have Amber home. It's hard though because I get so spoiled...and then just has to go back to school! Luckily we have Christmas break coming up and she will be home for about two weeks.

So last night we decided to go for sushi at Esoji, our fave Japanese restaurant in town. We got a few different things, but the weirdest was a new roll they have, which is a shrimp and cumcumber roll, topped with beef and applesauce! Very strange and not actually that delicious. haha. After dinner we went over to Sundance's to watch one of Hank's other bands play, Hot Skin. You can check them out here. He plays bass. He's also going to be releasing another project (still doesn't have a name) in the near future. It's my favorite music ever, and as soon as he finishes his vocals I'll post a link. So anyway we watched Hot Skin and then our friend Bob Hoag's band was in town, The Love Me Nots. I hadn't seen them life yet and I can say, after seeing them, that I LOVE THEM. They are definitely my new favorite band. You can check them out here. It was a great show. Afterward we all went home and I ended up going to sleep way too late!

It's 11:30 and I've been lazy all morning, which feels so good! I haven't been getting very much sleep this past week so it was nice for my body to catch up and revive itself. Amber and I are going to go to lunch at Hugo's in a bit, and then Hank and I are heading home for some family time with my parents, sister and Abe. Lauren and Abe recently bought their first house and got a dog (a rescue pup named Rex!), and Hank hasn't seen the house or met Rex yet, so we're both excited. We're also going to do an early Thanksgiving tomorrow which I am so, so excited about!

Here are some photos from last night -

us being silly

unsure what this pose is...

Amber and me

ready to go out!

the weird shrimp/beef/applesauce roll
weirdest sushi roll ever

at Esoji

blurry us
blurry us


"best bud pic"

we switched accessories- glasses for the Marc Jacobs...weirdos!
"accesory switch!"


at Sundance's

Hot Skin
Hot Skin


Hank on bass


The Love Me Nots
The Love Me Nots

The Love Me Nots