Better day!

better day today! :)

Today was a much, much better day and I have to really thank all of you who took the time to write me such sweet, thoughtful comments. You girls are the best, really. So yes, today was a good one! I woke up kind of early, but then decided to spend the extra time I would have gained hugging Hank extra tight while he slept. So alas, I wasn't as early to work as I would have hoped but I was on time none the less. The day went by without a problem, and yesterday's incident was totally taken care of. I was completely supported by the administration and my lovely teacher friends, and said student is no longer in my class for the remainder of the year. How's that for a solution?! I am really happy. And to add to that, one of my students came up and said the nicest thing to me that really made me smile. Maybe this "bad" day was so important so all of my great days seem that much greater. I think so.

I got home from work around 3:30 and I've been catching up on emails and what not. I decided to go ahead and take a personal day off from work on Friday, which I am really happy about. Then I just have one full week, and another week of half days. Then...two full, paid weeks off for the holidays! I can't wait. We usually take a trip during the winter holidays, but this year we are staying here and I'm actually really happy. I am craving the beaches of Hawaii like I always seem to do this time of the year, but it will be nice to really relax and stay home this season.

I just tried to make a Christmas list, but I got sidetracked when I realized it may take me longer than I thought. So I will work on that and post it whenever I finish it. In the meantime, I just threw together this little collage of the things on my list to get from Anthropologie right now. A certain best friend of mine works there, and I am blessed with having my own discount card. I feel very lucky about this, and even more so because it is F&F week, so my discount is even better. Here are the four clothing items I think I am going to have to get, and thanks to generous gift cards from Autumn, Shirls, Erin and Alana, I am able to do just that! (thanks sweet friends!) The jacket is kind of a maybe, since I have enough coats, but that bow is too darling to pass up. I got excited and just I thought I would share my little collage! hah.

for my blog- Anthropologie "wants"

Tomorrow is our usual half day at school (every Wednesday is) and then Hank and I have our weekly pie and politics evening at his Grandma's house. I always look forward to it and it is always a good time. The rest of my night will be filled with the gym and getting my workout on! Since I skipped yesterday I am excited to get in there. I hope all of you have a wonderful night!