Date night fun!

I love the weekends so much. This morning I slept in super late, and it wasn't until past noon that I decided to tackle my day! Oh well. I haven't been getting enough sleep this past week so it felt so good to catch up, and I feel like my body was happy about that choice. Once I was up though, I was definitely up, and got a lot accomplished. Mall run, Target run, New Frontiers and Fry's for groceries, and then home. Once Hank got home we walked to dinner over at Esoji, our favorite Japanese restaurant. Hank is vegetarian (eats vegan a lot of the time), so in our little town it can be hard to find good options when dining out, outside of our usual Thaifoon and Hugo's. Esoji has a few really awesome vegan options and I always love getting sushi so it's a good choice. It was so romantic walking down our street, all of the lights looked amazing and I couldn't help but just getting lost in that winter wonderland. More often than not I look around and I am in disbelief that a town like this exists. To us, it's perfect. It's a small town, with an even smaller town mentality. I feel fortunate that we are making this place our home, where we will raise our family and grow old together...until we retire in Hawaii! :) Hank will be taking over one of his family's businesses, so we really are rooted in this beautiful place, and I like that certainty.

Our dinner was excellent, and we spent a good two hours lingering over our food and talking. I love that. Afterward we strolled around a bit more, and then ended up at Starbuck's for some hot drinks. Hank had to play a show tonight with one of his bands (Hot Skin), so around 10pm we cut our evening short and he headed over to the practice space to grab his gear and then head back downtown. I'm spending the rest of my night wrapping up some gifts and putting the final organizational touches on our closet. I really enjoy quiet nights in like this.

I hope all of you had a fabulous Saturday night! Tomorrow is my favorite day of the week, and I'm planning on baking up a storm. I have four different cookies I'm making, and if there's time I am hoping to make a rhubarb strawberry crumble. Then next week we have just two full days, and three half days before winter break! Two weeks of paid vacation bliss. I love being a teacher!

Some pictures from this evening -

on our front porch

Hank's family (his Dad's side) owns/runs the funeral home in town (Hampton Funeral Home)- doesn't it look haunted?! And no, this isn't the business he is taking over, thank goodness!
our family's funeral home looks HAUNTED!

Christmas carnival
downtown Christmas carnival

ferris wheel
ferris wheel


so cold!

walking down to dinner
walking to dinner

all bundled up!

downtown Prescott

my seaweed salad! yumm
My (blurry) seaweed salad

Hank's tofu dish, delicious!
Hank's terriayki tofu!

all bundled up! :)
at Esoji

beautiful Prescott, AZ
beautiful Prescott, AZ






I love him

back home!

failed family photo attempt:)
trying to get a family luck