Marvelous Monday

Today was a GOOD day. Great, even! It was one of those days at work when I really felt like all of my students "got it," and that made me so happy. We're currently working on persuasive speeches so I was teaching them all about thesis statements, claims/evidence, and all that fun stuff. Even though those topics can be a bit dry, they seemed to enjoy it...probably had something to do with my weird peanut butter and jelly sandwich example though. haha. OH but while at work snow started falling and by the time school was out we had a nice white blanket covering the front lawn! They immediately called a two-hour delay for tomorrow, so I don't have to go in until 10am. After work I went to the gym, and then brought home Hugo's for a night in, which we spent on the couch, cozied up and watching The Biggest Loser. Hank just got home from tour this morning, so it's been nice to spend a lovely evening inside, with the storm going crazy outside! He's currently super into Monday Night Football so I thought I would sneak away and blog for a bit.

I have gotten a lot of questions about my tattoos, so I thought I would send you over to this entry, from July. It's my "tattoo story" and goes into detail about all of it. Keep in mind that since that post I've gotten my neck, thigh, and rib panel done as well! If you'd like to see some photos of them, you can visit this post- just scroll down through all the photos until you get to the tattoo question and my answer.

So, the rest of this week is going to be a pretty relaxing week. I have a bit more holiday shopping to do, and Hank and I also need to take our "Happy New Year" photoshoot for our cards! I am just so glad he is home. I'm definitely an independent kinda gal, but my heart still physically hurts when we are apart. Six years later and it never gets easier! Speaking of him being gone, while he was on tour a friend of their band gave him this cute Marc by Marc Jacobs promo tee to give me! How sweet is that? This isn't the best photo but it's a pretty orange color, with an umbrella and "marc by marc jacobs" falling like rain. I am going to pair it with a high waisted skirt and cardigan. Love it.

cute MBMJ tee from HOTW's friend

Right now the wind is absolutely insane outside. I'm actually kind of scared our windows will blow in! In spirit of this windy night I thought I would make a cute playlist, perfect for sitting indoors and enjoying a cute night in.

I hope all of you have a great evening!