Monday, Monday

Today was a big day in our life- Hank began his "career" at one of his family's companies, which is very, very exciting. It's neat that he is still able to play music and enjoy things he loves while at the same time really taking care of our family- and it's so comforting to know that this allows me to stay at home and take care of our family in the way that I am able to! I'm looking forward to that happening in the near future. Today has been a long, long time in the making, and I'm very proud of him and looking forward to everything that is coming up. One of my best friends, Suki, also started a new job and chapter today! I am just so proud of the both of them.

So besides all of the excitement work was pretty typical. It was nice having Hank up with me this morning, getting ready together and hanging out a little bit. After work we went to our cousin's dinner party to celebrate his birthday, and then I came home and watched Food, Inc. It's a documentary about the state of our food and the very scary origins of it. I definitely recommend it, and it's currently on Netflix Instant Play if you have an account.

I also had a couple of question recently in my comments-

Where is your headband from in this set of photos?

The headband is from Anthropologie. My sister bought it for me about awhile ago, and although I can't find it online I'm sure they're still in the store!

at Esoji

How long have you been married?

Hank and I were married on May 31, 2008! We started dating in the summer of 2004, and got engaged February 28, 2007. Sooo, we've been together for about 5 1/2 years and married for 1 1/2! You can click this photo if you'd like to see our wedding set on flickr.


Can you post more meals and recipes?

Yes! Absolutely. This is finals week for me, and then I have two weeks off so I will be sure to share a lot of the things I am cooking.

You guys asked a few more questions that I will answer in my post tomorrow, including the baked tofu recipe that was requested by a couple of you! :)

I also wanted to share my newest Etsy purchase with all of you! I absolutely love Sylvia Plath, and always have. I'm a total Literature nerd (both my bachelor's and Master's degrees are in English Lit.), and Sylvia was one of my main inspirations growing up. I adore her. When I found this paper doll set, I had to have it, and I am anxiously awaiting its arrival, so I can put it in a frame as is and hang it on the wall. Although its a paper doll set, I love the way it looks still in tact.

You can visit LeLapinTriste's super adorable shop here! There are so many other awesome items, so check them out, and be sure to tell her I sent you! :)

Sylvia Plath paper doll- newest Etsy purchase! Love it.

And one more thing before I head to sleep- the lovely Lauren over at "The Little Things We Do" awarded me with this adorable award in her most recent post! It was such a nice surprise to receive this. If you don't already follow her, you should!

Goodnight everyone!