My weekend

First of all, can you believe I didn't take any photos this weekend? My smaller Canon finally kicked the bucket, and it just wasn't convenient to bring out my big Nikon. So alas, no photos...which I hate! Luckily one of my Christmas presents is a new camera (Thanks Santa/Mom and Dad)! I did have an amazing weekend though! Hank was on a super short tour, so I figured I would come down and spend time with the people I love and miss all of the time, living two hours away. I came down Thursday night and hung out with my Mom, visited the gym, and happily watched the premiere of The Jersey Shore! I also caught up with The Real Housewives of the OC and I loved it. I am not ashamed to admit I am a total sucker for horrible/wonderful reality programming...especially ANYTHING having to do with NJ (I was born and raised there) and any of the Real Housewives seasons. So good. I stayed up watching shows, and Friday I spent literally the entire day shopping. It was insane. I got a huge portion of our holiday shopping done, which makes me really happy. Afterward I went to see Brothers with Sarah. We both really enjoyed it- it was so intense though that I realized I was holding my breath for most of the movie. I would definitely recommend it to anyone who likes dramatic, serious films- I absolutely loved it. After the movie we went and got Mexican food and then I headed home and talked to Hank on the phone for awhile <3. Saturday I spend being super lazy and feeling super happy about that! Once I got up and felt motivated to start my day I went on a great run and then started getting ready for a little girl's night with Shirley, Alana and Erin. Shirley is another one of my best friends and all three of us went to college together. There are 8 of us that have stayed in super close touch, and after ten years of friendship, I consider these girls my family. We all take a big "girls trip" every year, and we've done this since we were in college. We've been all over the country (and Mexico haha) and I'm so grateful we are all so close! So anyway, the night was awesome. We shopped a bit, and then had dinner at The Parlor in Phoenix, which is a pizza and salad place. It was my first time there and I definitely enjoyed both the food and atmosphere. After dinner Erin had to go home but Shirl, Alana and I went over Alana and Chad's and then ended up going out in Tempe for awhile. This morning I woke up a little late due to staying out a little late, and my Mom, sister and I went on our usual Sunday morning ritual! My Dad usually comes too, but he is on a business trip in DC so it was just the girls. We went to Starbucks, Trader Joe's and Sprouts to get tons of delicious groceries. When we got home my Aunt Pat had arrived from Tucson so we all went out to lunch in celebration of Nanny's 89th birthday (which is actually tomorrow). Overall I had the best weekend. My heart is so full with love it's about to burst, and I feel so happy I was able to see so many people I adore. I am really looking forward to Shirley and Alana's visit in the next couple of weeks too. Prescott is beautiful right now, and I'm excited to be in the holiday spirit with them. Speaking of excited, Hank gets home from tour in about ten hours and I'm sooo happy. This weekend we are staying here in town, and I can't wait for long walks, lit up by all the Christmas lights downtown.

Tomorrow starts a new work week- the last full week before holiday break! I hope all of you had an amazing weekend...and I hope you have a great week!