This morning Hank and I woke up fairly early and went to visit my Grandma on my Dad's side. It was wonderful to see her, but at the same time incredibly sad because her speech and mental capabilities have dramatically diminished since her last stroke, about a year ago. It's heartbreaking because she knows what she wants to say, but the speech area of her brain was badly damaged, so it sounds like gibberish. The only bright spot is that wherever her brain has gone to is a really beautiful, happy place, and she seems to be in good spirits, considering. It's just so sad to see a family member go through that and not recognize the people they've known their entire lives. I had to fight back tears throughout the visit, and it was hard to leave and see her waving from the window in her wheelchair. I wish people didn't have to get old and be in pain. It's so upsetting...

When we left my Grandma's Hank and I had to do some returning, so we stopped by H&M and then went to Green for a quick lunch. The rest of the day was spent doing errands- we dropped my Angelique print off at the framer's, got Hank new shoes and button ups, and stopped by Coldstone so Hank could get a milkshake. Besides this morning this visit has been incredibly jam packed with all of our family in from all over the place, and we still have to celebrate another Christmas! I am hoping we get the Flip cam we've had our eye on, so we'll see. We are heading back up to Prescott in a bit and I am excited to get there and organize all our new stuff. I also got some new wood cleaner for our floors and I can't wait to try it out! Sounds weird but organizing and cleaning gets me excited. Annnnd...tomorrow is a certain best friend's birthday! Fun.

I'll leave you with some photos-

Good morning!
good morning!

Saturday shoes
Saturday shoes

dropping off my print- soo excited to get it back next week!
dropping off one of my gifts at the framer's


another little Angelique print, matted and framed
little Angelique print, matted and framed