Thursday/Question game!

First of all, I have to apologize for extremely image-heavy 2009 post...there was really no other way to do it and be able to talk about each experience and photo, so I am truly sorry if it slowed your computer or annoyed you if you follow me on Google Reader! However, it was super fun to make and to reminisce about all of those fun times. I still have two more installments to go, and those will be image heavy as well. And then I promise I won't get that crazy until next year's review!

Today was an very short day at work- just two hours! I woke up around 7:30 and dropped off my car at our local shop to get its oil changed. I've been taken our cars to the same place forever, and it's a small, locally owned place that always goes above and beyond. I got to work around 8:45am and did my hall duty during 3rd period's final. We only have two classes each day during finals week, so after 3rd was over, which is my prep (or free) period, I just had to watch my Seniors give their final presentations. Afterward I came home and I've been relaxing...Hank came home for his lunch hour so I got to spend a little time with him, but other than that it's been Madeline and me being lazy! haha.

Now it's about 8pm (I stopped writing this to run some errands and cook us dinner), and Hank is watching the Suns game. And speaking of errands, I have to share this annoying situation that happened at the post office. It was about 4:50pm, and I pulled into the very crowded post office to mail two small packages. I always try and avoid actually waiting in the often atrocious line so I usually just use the self-service mailing machine, or whatever it's called. In front of me were two women...with 22 packages. At the self-mailer. I, in a sweet and polite tone, said "Excuse me, ladies, are you mailing all of those packages via this machine right now?" There was a long pause. One of the women turned around very slowly, glared at me, and said "Why yes. Yes we are. And it will take us a long time, so I suggest taking your two little packages inside." OOOOH. Now I am a fairly sweet girl (sometimes sweet, even! ;) hahaha....), and I typically try and be especially nice to older people because I do respect them. But these women, and this woman in particular made me seriously want to kick them straight in the shins. How mature of me. I at least wanted to say something rude back but I didn't. I left, because by this time it was 5pm and the inside office was closed, to take care of the insanely long line in there. So I left. But really, who does that at a self station? 22 packages?! And yes, I counted them. haha. So that was one of the annoyances in my day. Sorry to be negative but I had to share!

In other news, Ms. Madeline is so tired from running errands with me downtown all afternoon, so she is wedged between Hank's leg and the couch just totally exhausted. It's adorable!

Madeline and Hank relaxing on the couch

I also wanted share a playlist that I made this past weekend. I LOVE IT. I really, really love rap/hip hop/r&b/etc., and I always have. This playlist I am about to share includes many of my old favorite songs, some amazing, some super cheesy and some super suuuuper cheesy! haha. Either way I love each and every one of these tunes. I have been listening to it for a few days straight, singing along to every song and ever word. Hank has been endlessly entertained. ...Or annoyed. ;)

Anyway, here is it! I want to say that the first song is really the only very recent song, and I included it first because I love it. If you don't listen to any of the other ones, please listen to that one- it's my favorite song of the moment.

***Oh, and one warning- some of these songs DO have bad language (some have a LOT), so I wanted to warn you in case you have your little kiddies around or you try to avoid music with bad words!

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And one more thing before I head to the gym in a bit, but thought I would post a little "question game" where you can ask me anything you'd like. I did this awhile back and it was really fun. You can either post a question, or post something that you'd like to see a post about! If you're uncomfortable with posting as you, you can also do it via "anonymous!" All questions are welcome. Then, be sure to repost this in your blog so we can all ask you questions!

So...ask away!

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