Tuesday, Tuesday

Today was a nice, slow morning. We had a delayed start today due to the winter weather conditions, so I slept in until about 9am which was so pleasant! I left for school around 9:45am (our town is very small so it takes me just about 5 minutes to get to work), but immediately I realized that the school district definitely should have called a snow day like the college did. All roads were completely iced over and covered in snow, and accidents were all over the place. I consider myself a great driver, but these conditions made me a bit uncomfortable. To make matters worse, as I was coming down one of the larger hills, along with many other vehicles, one car decided to let a semi-truck cross the intersection, as there isn't a light there. Nice gesture, but when you have cars going down hill on ice, it probably isn't the best idea. I almost hit the truck in front of me, and most of the other cars were sliding all over the road. Scary. Once I made it to school, it was apparent that most of the students and teachers were having a hard time making it there. Classes were half full with no teachers in sight! Luckily as the day went on more people got there, but I still feel they should have called a snow day.

After work I came home to find that Hank had shaved his lovely beard off...and left only a mustache! This is a different look for him, and I'm unsure how I feel. About four years ago I went out to NY to meet up with Hank and the band he sang for at the time, Life in Pictures (click here to listen), while they were on tour and playing Hellfest. When my girlfriends and I pulled up to our hotel, the guys got out of the van and I was greeted by Hank and a huge mustache. I wasn't a fan then, and I think I may still be on that side of the fence. I find him attractive no matter what, but mustaches are weird and I'm still unsure.

came home from work to find a newly beardless, mustached husband!

After I got over the mustache shock, I made myself a nice little dinner while Hank was out with his friends. I had whole wheat pasta, fresh steamed veggies and a baked tofu slab. Oh, and lots of Sriracha! Yum. It was a perfect little "tv dinner," complete with catching up on The City and The Hills before the television was inevitably taken over by basketball.

"tv dinner"

Also, one of my readers Megan asked me a question in regards to my blog and being a teacher, so I thought I would address that here, since her comment wasn't linked to a profile. She asked:

Hi! I love your blog! I had a question for you. I am studying to be an elementary teacher, and our professors constantly tell us not to have any personal information about ourselves on facebook, myspace, blogs etc, just as a precaution. For example, if parents saw something and didn't like it. I love your blog and don't see anything wrong with it. I was just wondering if you have had to deal with anything like this and what you did about it. Thanks!:-)

To answer this question, I should first say that I have always been told the same things by my professors too. I've definitely seen my fair share of those news stories about teachers who get fired over a Myspace picture or Facebook post, and I've had my own teacher mom warn my sister and I about our online activity. With these warnings in mind, I still choose to have a public blog because I really feel strongly that I should be able to express myself however I want. I do feel that content has a large part of it though; at this point in my life I'm not out partying like crazy, and even if I was, I would never post about it. I think that if your blog is like this one; truthful posts about life, things that inspire you, pictures of friends and family...how could anyone cite that as a bad thing? I do realize that not all people agree with tattoos, and being a heavily tattooed teacher in the public schools isn't the norm, but I feel strongly that if any parent or member of the school board wanted to bring up my tattoos via my blog and cause issues, I would not want to work for that district anyway. In five years of teaching I've never had to deal with any repercussions from public blogging. The only weird thing is having to constantly deny students' friend adds on social networking sites. It's funny because when I was a student the last thing I'd want would to be friends with a teacher. It's so interesting to me. Overall I think if you just refrain from putting up party photos, sexually suggestive photos, etc...you should be just fine! So, I hope I answered your question. Let me know if you have any more!

I also received a question about how I include playlists in my blog. It's really easy! I just go over to Project Playist and make one, they have so many songs and it's a simple site to use. Once you finish your playlist, simply click on the link for "embed code" and it will give you a code to put into your blog. Some of you said it wouldn't fit in your post. but if you take a look at my last post, that's the standard size and the size I got without adjusting the code or anything. Good luck and let me know if you need more help!

So, now I am just relaxing, contemplating going to the gym. Like I mentioned earlier, our house has been taken over by the guys. Dustin, Addison and Matt are over to watch the Suns game, so our house is filled with boys yelling at the television. It's super cute though because they do this every week and cook a nice meal together. Isn't that adorable? They always go to the grocery store together and then come back over here and cook up some sort of homemade dish. Tonight they made what looks and smells like an Italian dish- some sort of ziti bake. Annnd, I just tasted it and I'm impressed. Not as good as my "famous ziti" ;) but pretty darn good!

As I'm typing this I'm getting sleepier and sleepier, so rather than the gym I may just drift off to sleep. I have been just a little more tired than usual lately and I think I just need to get to bed earlier. Regardless, I don't think I'll be able to sleep with this loud basketball game on in the living room! ha.

I hope all of you had a great day!