Wednesday, I'm in love!

Another good day today! Sometimes I feel like it's silly to always write that my day was good/great...but the majority of the time my days are really fantastic. I try to keep a very positive mental attitude, and I think after so many years of practicing this, it's truly become second nature. I feel really lucky I am able to rise above negativity and succeed at the old mantra "mind over matter."

So yeah, today was excellent. My kids were all in good moods and it was a fairly easy work day. Every Wednesday we have half days for teacher in-services and today our "hour long" meeting lasted about fifteen minutes so I was able to get to the gym around 3pm which was great! I got my workout done early and I love when that happens. Today I did a quick little 40 minutes of cardio on the octane cross-trainer and then lifted for about 20 minutes, working on my upper body today. I haven't talked about this in awhile, but one of my main hobbies is working out and exercising in any shape or form. I grew up taking dance classes and playing soccer, so I've always been active. I was a very competitive athlete in high school, and after spending my entire life involved in performance or athletics, its only natural I am so involved in fitness! For awhile I toyed with the idea of becoming a personal trainer but I didn't end up going that way. I currently go to the gym about 5-6 days a week and really enjoy it. I'm definitely not in "perfect" shape by any means, but I feel confident and happy with how I look so I guess that's all that matters. I used to get into phases where I'd want to lose 10 pounds, or become obsessed with toning up this or that...but my weight now is comfortable and I'm able to indulge and eat yummy food when I choose to, so I am pretty happy where I am. I know it's always a struggle though for many females, and in college I dealt with an eating disorder. Most people in my life know about this, but it's still pretty unnerving to put it out there on the internet. Perhaps someday soon I will go into more detail about this, I think it would be interesting to tell that chapter of my life. But I mention this because it's been a long road for me to be accepting of my body and happy with how I look...and still there are some days when I feel like a big chubby blob...but overall I'm doing really well. And that's awesome. I could go on about this topic forever, but I will stop here and dedicate an entire post to this sometime in the next couple of weeks.

After my workout I came home and proceeded to fall asleep with my computer on my lap. I woke up around 6pm to Hank, home from work and we headed over to his Grandma's for our weekly dinner. It was a fun time. Now I'm home, thinking about going to bed early (before midnight is early for me!). Tomorrow my main plans are work, workout, and mail off about 4 packages. Fun. ;)

Here are some photos:

the military jacket some of you asked about from yesterday's pictures-
military coat


details- I am loving the bow on this skirt!
Wednesday detail- I am loving the bow on this skirt!

I hope all of you have an awesome night!

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