Wednesday, so close to Friday!

Another Wednesday means another half day. And it means another day closer to glorious winter vacation. Sadly, Hank has a regular schedule for the first time in our lives, so my winter break will no longer be filled with lounging in bed until noon with my husband, dragging ourselves out of the house only to eat Hugo's burritos, copious amounts of movie watching, and late night gym sessions when I finally get around to it. Instead I will more than likely be very, very productive because I like to get up when he gets up. I'm an old-fashioned kind of girl- I like taking care of my husband; I like cooking for him and keeping our house clean, and making sure he is all ready for work. It sounds silly typed out, but it's what makes me the happiest! :) One of my best friends Shirley is coming to stay with me next week too, and I can't wait. Shirl and I have been friends since college- we were in the same sorority and lived together throughout our time at NAU and also after we graduated. She was a bridesmaid in my wedding, and is more a part of my family than she is a friend. I love the girl so much! :) She lives in Phoenix but we get together a lot and I'm so happy she is going to be up here to enjoy this holiday weather.

My darling Shirley and me
shirl girl and me

My friends Amber and Adie are also arriving from California and I'm excited about that too. Next week will be super busy- I have lots of shopping to do, a cookie decorating evening planned at my mother-in-law's, three Christmases, and then a weekend in Phoenix with my family from New York. The following week is Amber's birthday celebration, my sister's birthday celebration, and another three-day weekend in Phoenix to spend time with more family. Crazy! Gotta love the holidays though!

I really, really love New Year's Eve and I can't say enough how happy/ecstatic I am that we get to just have a cozy evening watching the ball drop and eating yummy food. I'm really over going out, and in no way, shape, or form would I want to welcome in the new year with a bunch of strangers at a bar or house party. No thank you.

So, I have two more days of school left this semester. We get out at 11am each day though, so I'm not sure if they even count. Tonight Hank and I are going to dinner at Hugo's as soon as he gets home and then I'm planning on working out and watching Paper Heart while he's at band practice.

I hope all of you have a fabulous night!