Baby Shower!

My best friend Autumn is due to have her second baby in just about two weeks, so today we had a baby shower in honor of her, and her soon-t0-arrive son, Carter! It was such a great afternoon, spent with some of my very best and oldest friends. We've all been peas in a pod since college (starting about ten years ago, wow!) and I feel very lucky to have such amazing women in my life. We're each incredibly different, but that's what I love- I cherish each of those amazing ladies.

The shower was held at Autumn and Jason's new home, and hosted by her sister Jeremee. We enjoyed delicious salad courtesy of Pita Jungle and it was really just the best. relaxing afternoon.

Here are some photos-

Jeremee, Autumn, me, Alana, Erin, and Shirley
some of my bestest friends, I love them

Jeremee, Autumn, me, Alana

The "Brandts" - Jeremee, Autumn and their mom Libby
The "Brandts"

my beautiful goddaughter! :)

salads from Pita Jungle
lunch compliments of Pita Jungle

lucky charm from Arivaca friends

reading one of Carter's books
Carter's book

2 weeks to go!
my beautiful best friend

Carter's in there!
baby Carter is ready to come out!

happy baby
happy baby!

Grammy and Chloe time
Grammy and Chloe



beautiful Alana
Auntie Alana


The Loops
The Loops

Chloe and her Daddy

just hanging out in an orange tree, no big deal!
just hanging in an orange tree