Lexy and Jason's wedding, 2/24/10 (image heavy!)

Tonight I had the privilege of attending the wedding of two of my friends, Lexy and Jason. Unfortunately Hank had to work, so it was just me, but I still had a great night hanging out with our friends. The event was held at the Boojum Tree Hidden Gardens in Phoenix, and I was totally blown away with how beautiful the venue was! When I was searching for wedding venues three years ago, I remember hearing about this place but I didn't end up looking into it. I highly recommend it after spending an evening there, and it really is the ideal spot for a wedding. The entire night was picture perfect.

The ceremony began at 4pm, and it was wonderful to see so many friends I haven't seen in some time. When Lexy began her descent down the aisle, the looks on Jason's face just about killed me- the love in the air at that moment was so intoxicating and just so beautiful. Lexy looked absolutely gorgeous, in a shorter length dress and traditional veil. The entire ceremony was full of laughter and tears, and their vows were perfect. I feel so lucky I was able to witness it.

The rest of the night was filled with dancing, yummy food, and delicious cupcakes. The photographs I took can tell a much better story than I can, so enjoy!

And again, congratulations to the newlyweds, Jason and Lexy! Love you guys.

what I wore (it's a Rebecca Taylor dress)
before heading down to Phoenix

guest book
guest book!

Boojum Hidden Gardens, Phoenix

one of my best friends Erin and one of my long, long time friends Beth. Love these ladies.
some of my best ladies

baby Jack! He is so, so, so sweet. I held him for a little bit and fell in love. You may recognize Rachel and Jeff (and Jack!) from their Valentine's feature the other week!
baby Jack!


wedding feet :)
wedding feet

so many friends and family
lots of friends and family

Lexy had a "Man of Honor," Tom! I love that he has a bouquet. Isn't that adorable?

so sweet
so sweet

1st kiss!
1st kiss as Mr. and Mrs.!

oh heey!

walk down the aisle together

stoked! :)

the grand exit

I loved this guy :)
no idea...

Zoe and Aaron
Zoe and Aaron

the beautiful, beautiful bride and me
Lexy and me!

perfect dress
gorgeous dress

my favorite photo of the entire night:
the happy newlyweds!

ladies, hanging out

Elisa and her boots...too cute
these boots were made for walkin'...


walking through the awesome plant life, into the dining area!
the venue- heading into dinner

CUPCAKES! A wonderful gal named Colleen made these, and they are so, so delicious. If you are having an event, let me know if you'd like her information.
cupcake tower

yummy cupcakes

Lego lovers! SO AWESOME.

the entrance!


looking suave, guys! ;)
Kevin and Scott

the dining area- so pretty.
pretty lights

I love this photo- Lexy and Scott :)
Lexy and Scott

JP looking good!
JP looking suave

our table
our table

beautiful Erin
pretty Erin

hi, I'm tired!
hi! I'm tired.

night lights
night lights

1st dance to Lucero
1st dance to Lucero

best girl

I love her

at the bar 1

on the dancefloor

Jason dancing

love it

SO fun!


so cute

our "annual wedding photo"...I love her :)
our annual wedding photo, I love her :)


D + E

Dan and Jan!
Dan and Jan


Jason getting cupcakes

lemon cupcake! so good.
lemon cupcake!