Our engagement story

where Hank proposed- for my blog :)

Three years ago today, February 28, 2007, my husband (then boyfriend), got down on one knee and proposed to me, in that very spot marked by the heart in the photo above. Looking back, it's amazing how quickly time has marched on, but at the same time, it feels like we've been together our entire lives. Back then, I remember thinking how long it would be until we were actually married, and now we're finishing up our second year of being husband and wife.

We had been talking about getting married for some time, and he had even given me a promise ring during Christmas of 2005. It was a gorgeous pink sapphire and diamond ring that Hank had wrapped up and put under the tree. At that point we had been dating for about a year and a couple of months, and I already knew I wanted to marry him. Hank was still touring very heavily with his then-band, Life in Pictures, so it made me especially happy to be able to look down at my finger and think about him, and our commitment, while he was off gallivanting around the country.

December 25, 2005


Fast forward to February of 2007, and we'd been together for about two and a half years or so. Even though I had always known I wanted to marry Hank, it wasn't until this point that it started to become "real." We talked a lot about wanting to tie the knot, and even about how I didn't want a big "to-do" when he asked- just something simple and sweet. More importantly, I wasn't too sure how he was going to afford a ring, because at that point in our lives were were in a totally different financial situation, and diamonds are expensive! Silly me, I didn't notice when suddenly all of Hank's records (ones he'd collected for years and years), and all of his KAWS Companion figures went missing. It didn't occur to me that he's be selling these things to help pay for my ring...that sneaky guy.


The night he proposed it was freezing. We had just gotten through a large winter storm, but the cold had lingered and it was almost uncomfortable to be outside. Throughout the previous week Hank had asked me to go out to dinner numerous times, but being me, I wanted to stay in and cook, or go to the gym, or go to bed early. So I consistently turned him down. Looking back, this is hilarious because I couldn't figure out why he was so insistent on going out to dinner. Luckily, I eventually agreed and we headed out to Thai House, which is where we had our "first Prescott date." We both got the House Special D with tofu, and sat and talked for a long time. I can recall that although it was freezing outside, it was a beautiful night- I can still remember looking at the window at the street lights, and hearing the wind howling through the downtown.

After dinner, Hank insisted that we walk around the square. Again, being the difficult (and clueless) girl that I am, I said that I was too cold, but if he really wanted to walk around he could drive us down the street (literally one block) and we could get out and walk. So that's what we did. We got out of the car and began to walk around the square. At this point, not only was it really, really freezing, but it was super late. Not a soul was around. I didn't think anything of our strange impromptu walk until Hank said, "So, uh, how are you?" That's when I knew something was up. When you live with someone, when you've been with them for years, when you just spent two hours talking over dinner...you don't ask the person how they are! My stomach immediately did a flip and my mind started running wild. Was he breaking up with me? Why is he being so weird? Is he okay? Am I ok? Are WE okay? AHH!

As I was zoning out, lost in my barrage of self-questioning, I didn't notice that we had stopped walking and were just standing there. I snapped out of it, and looked at Hank. I can remember his words exactly: "I can't wait any longer, there's something I need to ask you," he said while dropping to one knee. At this point, I was in shock. Was this really happening? I looked down into the kindest eyes I've ever known, and my heart melted, right then and there. Yes, this was really happening. He reached into his jacket pocket and pulled out a little black box, opened it, and proceeded to say the sweetest things anyone had ever said to me. Or, at least I think he did. Let the truth be told, when he opened up that ring box, I was literally blinded by what was inside. I had no idea a ring like that was in the cards, and I was absolutely shocked. I blanked on everything Hank was saying, including the "will you marry me?" so I stopped, and asked him to REPEAT it! haha. He repeated every word, I took it all in, and then said "Yes! Yes! Yes!" and we cried and hugged and kissed and danced around in the empty downtown, streetlights casting shadows across the lawn, lost in our own little world, together.


The entire rest of the night is a daze- I know we went to his Mom's, then to his Dad's, and I called my family and best friends to break the news. I was blown away that he had designed the ring himself, and had done such a good job. It was perfect.

Before Hank came along, I was a fan of dating as much as possible, but never settling down. Although I knew I always wanted to get married and have kids, the idea seemed so far from where I was that it became unreal. As more and more time passed with Hank by my side, that dream became more of a reality and when it finally happened, it was almost shocking. Three years later I can still remember what it felt like to say "yes" to the idea of forever. I can still see the tears in Hank's eyes as he smiled and told me I was his soulmate, that he would always take care of me, and never let me down. I can recall the way everything around up stopped for a brief moment, how we were the only two living people in the entire world.

I'm so thankful.

I love you Hank, and as always, thank you for keeping your "promise." :)