Sweet Darlin'

Today was a great day...specifically because Autumn gave birth to beautiful Carter! He was born at 3:21am, weighing 7lbs 13 oz, and is 20 inches long. He is the most adorable little thing in the entire world, and I love that the Loops are home in Arizona so I could actually be here to see him on his "birthday." I am so proud of Autumn and I am such a proud aunt! I love you Carter! I also have to mention how heart-warming it was to hear Chloe yell "Auuunntiiiie Daniiieeeellllle!!" and come running over to me when she arrived. It's so neat to see her growing into this little person. My heart is so full of love.

Happy birthday Carter!

I am so proud of the new mama!
my fabulous best friend and her new son

my second family...aren't they adorable?
my second family <3

staticky balloon hair
big sister getting special attention ;)

Happy birthday!
hi beautiful boy!

tiiiired...also- black and white because my devil red eye couldn't be fixed. ugh :(
b&w because my devil red eye couldn't be fixed!

hey big sister!
"Big Sister"

proud Grammy
Grammy and Carter

I also snuck away and got a quick little tattoo on my thighs. I had gone back and forth between getting script there- I wasn't sure if I would like it "cutting off" my legs, but since I'll be finishing the front, back and sides pretty soon, I think it will look okay. I alllmost got it on the side of my neck but then came to my senses. It'll be a little bit longer until I can do that. Anyway, here's the photo! I love it. :)

(don't worry, I had shorts under my dress ;) )
Mando <333

freshly done and a little swollen
Sweet Darlin'

I am so excited about tomorrow. Hank works during the day, so I will be spending my time doing some projects around the house and probably baking a few sweet treats. I can't wait for our dinner date when he gets off! I will be back tomorrow with my final couples posts (be sure to check out Erin's feature here) and more than likely a regular entry. I hope all of you have a fabulous "Valentine's Eve!" Sweet dreams.