Tuesday = fantastic

Today was SUCH a great day at work. My sophomores and I played this really fun "game" where I tell them to get out a piece of paper and tear it into three strips. On one strip they write a setting, on another they write a character, and on the last strip they write a situation. The three things don't have to be related since I put them in separate jars. Then we draw one from each section and write them on the board...the kids then have to write the first paragraph of a story encompassing the three story elements we randomly drew. Then we read the stories aloud and they were SO GOOD. I was dying from laughter at some of them. The kids are so creative and it was a really nice segue way into our short story writing unit tomorrow...plus, I think they all really enjoyed it. :) My Seniors are beginning our "book club" unit where I let them get into small groups and choose any novel they want to read together, and I give them assignments and projects throughout the time frame. It's neat because they have the opportunity to really pick something they like. I'm excited to hear their choices tomorrow!

When I got home from school Hank and I decided to spend some time outside, so we got Madeline in her little harness and spent a good part of the afternoon in the sun. It is SUCH a nice day today and it was so nice to be outdoors and downtown. We're going to do our usual Tuesday night Hugo's trip in a minute, and then snuggle up to watch LOST. If you didn't know, I love LOST, and Hank and I are both super into it. I'm sad it's ending, but I am really curious to see how they tie up all of these loose ends. Are any of you LOST fans? :)

I will be back later tonight with Tattoo Tuesday of course, but for now I will leave you with some photos. I hope all of you had a lovely, lovely day!

It truly feels like spring today!
It feels like spring today!

taking Madeline on a walk

pretty downtown
pretty Prescott


Hank and Ms. M.

on the courthouse steps

Madeline walking me...
Madeline walking me...

She can jump SO high!
She can jump so high!

February shoes
February feet


so cute