Today was one of those days that kind of dragged on. Don't you hate that? Nothing went wrong, but it just was a slow day at work and since it was a half day, the second half of my day was filled with meetings. I love the kids part of teaching, not the meetings part, but I know they go hand in hand so I usually don't mind. But, by the time I got home I was ready for bed! Once Hank got home we went over to a local Italian restaurant, La Bruza's, to celebrate his dad's 62nd birthday. It was yummy but I ate a bit too much and now I feel a little gross. I'm waiting for my food to settle so I can go workout (and not puke)!

I also wanted to mention that I just stopped "following" most of the blogs I follow and moved over the Google Reader. If you notice I'm not on your follow list anymore, don't worry, I'm still reading! :) Just over at Reader instead. My new pal Keiko suggested something called bloglovin', which I'm going to check out too. I just don't like Blogger's setup in terms of keeping up with blogs, so I'm glad to make the switch. If you have any other suggestions let me know! :)

Here's my dinner outfit (sorry for the bad lighting, yuck!):

dress- Marc by Marc Jacobs
shoes- Old Navy

And then for work I would just add colored tights (yellow probably) and a simple cardigan!

daily outfit :)

cute bow details


I'm really really quite unmotivated today so I'm going to sign off for now before I bore you anymore, and before I lost any and all motivation to get into the gym! Before I go though, here's a quick little "mid-week" playlist I quickly put together. Which song do you like best?

Have a great night! Love you all. :)

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This post has been brought to you by Madeline, beast of Prescott! RAWR! (just kiddin', she was mid-yawn). ;)

Madeline, beast.