Back to work I go...


Oh, Monday. A Monday like today is especially rough when it's the start of not just a new week and the first day back from vacation, but the first day of a new quarter. Granted it's the last quarter of the year, but it's a bummer to have to snap out of vacation mode and get back into work mode so abruptly. I write all the time that I like my job, love it even, and I really do, but sometimes I wonder if I just enjoy it so much because I know there's a time stamp on it. I couldn't ever imagine doing this for the rest of my life. A few more years maybe, but I could never be one of those admirable people (like my inspiring Mama), who teach their whole lives. Knowing that I am going to be a stay-at-home mom when Hank and I eventually have kids kind of makes it much easier. Don't get me wrong, my job is incredibly rewarding and I smile every single day knowing I'm making a positive impact in my students' lives, but it's not quite a "career" for me. I hope that makes sense. :)

So, today was a good day at work. My sophomores and I started Fahrenheit 451 today (it's probably the 25th time I've read it!) and I'm excited. I love this book a lot and I hope they do too. This week should go by fairly quickly, and then next Friday we have off! So excited. Amber is coming home to Prescott for a visit and we will be heading down to Phoenix so she can get her very first tattoo. I can't wait.

Also, I've been reading tons of books lately, but one in particular I wanted to mention: "The Last Song," by Nicolas Sparks.

This book was recommended to me by one of my students, and I have had it for a couple of weeks, but didn't pick it up until recently. I won't give anything away, but I thought it was absolutely beautifully written, full of emotion and overall just a fabulous read. I spent the last 40 minutes of the book crying pretty hard, and it was amazing that it had affected me so deeply. I recommend that all of you read it, and please let me know what you think! The movie opens this weekend, and I am so looking forward to it. I researched the film a bit earlier today and found out that Nicolas Sparks actually wrote the screenplay before he wrote the novel, and Miley Cyrus actually named her own character Ronnie. I know a lot of people are skeptical of Miley- I personally am a huge fan- but after reading the book, I feel she was perfectly cast. In fact, I think the entire movie was. Miley and her love interest in the film are actually dating in real life too, and I find that really sweet and it will make for great on-screen chemistry I'm sure! Here's the trailer:

Have any of you read the book? Are you SO excited to see it? I am literally counting down. Fortunately my friend Robyn is going to see it with me, so I don't have to drag Hank to a movie he definitely doesn't want to watch. Yay for girlfriends!

I am heading to sleep, but I hope all of you have a wonderful night. I'll see you tomorrow night for Tattoo Tuesday!