Hi everyone! I am alive and well in beautiful Kona, Hawaii. We actually don't have internet at the house, yet, but I am using a Verizon broadband card to log on for a moment and post an update! It's been a busy past few days! My mother-in-law and I headed down to Phoenix Tuesday night after work...narrowly escaping a blizzard actually, believe it or not! I felt so bad leaving Hank behind in the snow as we took off for island weather...but still super happy to be getting out of the snow! I spent the rest of the night working out on the elliptical and watching "The Girls Next Door." Awesome. :) The next morning we got up early and headed over to the airport to catch our flight to Honolulu at 8am. It was a lovely flight. The food was excellent, and they offered a great selection of movies.

Upon our arrival in Honolulu, we grabbed some lunch at a place in the airport, and then hopped on a quick connecting flight to Kona. We arrived mid-afternoon, rented a vehicle, and headed over to the house. The rest of the afternoon was spent at the house, and then out and about, shopping for necessities. For dinner we enjoyed Mexican food along the water, and I slept so well. Yesterday I woke up early and had a nice run along Allii Drive, and then we spent the entire day doing shopping for the house- renovations, granite, glass, beds, furniture, etc. It was exhausting but we got a lot done. We ate lunch at The Harbor House, one of our favorite Kona spots, and tried Jameson's for dinner, which is right down the street from the house. It was so delicious, and the dessert was to die for- homemade lemon-macadamia nut chiffon pie. Seriously so, so good. I wish I could upload a slice for you to try! haha.

Today's been a little slower, because we're waiting for some deliveries. I swam for awhile this morning in the pool (the ocean was a little rough), and I thought I would sneak away for a minute and update! The trip has been awesome so far- very busy but this weekend it should slow down a bit and I should be able to get some more beach time in. The weather is amazing- about 75 and a little breezy. I wish all of you were there to enjoy this with me! I will try and blog again soon, but until then, I hope you are having a beautiful day.

xoxo...and Aloha! ;)

relaxing on the plane

yummy fruit on the plane
delicious 1st course of our breakfast on the plane

smaller plane we took to Kona
smaller plane we took to Kona

waiting for the rental car...PALEST girl in Hawaii! haha
waiting for the rental car..can't wait to get into some floral! ;)

pulling up to the house :)
front, outside the gate

lower lanai
lower lanai

back yard

gardens, so pretty
gardens at the house

beautiful flowers along the fence

path down to the water and the tidepools
path to the ocean/snorkeling

lunch at the Harbor House
lunch at the Harbor House

the amazing pie!
delicious pie at dinner

Magic Sands beach
You can see our house right on the point! This is "Magic Sands" beach

Aloha! <3

sunset in Kona
Hawaiian sunset

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