Last day in Hawaii

On the eve on our departure, I've been reflecting on what a wonderful trip this has been. It wasn't planned very far in advance, and in fact I only agreed to go last month, but I am so glad I did. We got a lot done- tons of moving and buying and designing...and it's been a great, busy time. I've also had quite a bit of time to think about so many things, without the distraction of all-day internet or any television, and I have to say, it's been awesome. I have missed two entire LOST episodes, but I can catch those when I get home. I am most of all excited to see my darling hubby and our baby girl Madeline. I'm used to being away from Hank- him touring all of the time, and I go on trips with my girlfriends constantly, but this time I missed him just a little more than usual. We have some exciting things going on, and I think maybe that's why. I'm just excited to be going home.

The past few days have been a bit more relaxing than the first five, pretty much due to getting all the big things done on our arrival. I've had lots of time at the pool and at the beach, and I am super relaxed and feeling good. My Kindle has been such a wonderful thing as well. This is the first major trip I've taken it on, and I am so in love with this little machine it's crazy.

So tomorrow afternoon we fly home, and although I am sad to leave I will be back so soon, so it's not so bad. Plus, Phoenix with Hank this weekend, Broadway Calls AZ weekend with Erin is in a week, little miss Amber Joy will be arriving in two...and there are so many other amazing things coming up. When this time of the year hits, it's busy bee mode for me. I'm a true spring/summer girl. I love to wear dresses everyday, bathing suits whenever I can, and I'm a total water baby. I'm already counting down to our lake trips.

So, I will be back Thursday with my regular posting schedule, thanks so much for bearing with me and my lack of posts. I'll leave you with some random photos from the past couple of days!

One piece! :) I usually stick to just bikinis so this was a little different for me, but I definitely found this to be a nice change of pace and super comfortable. This one is super cheap- from Target! Here's the link:
off to the beach!

the beach next to our house- where I spent my afternoon
beautiful day

loving it!

fresh flowers at the Farmer's Market
fresh flowers

view from the upper lanai
view from the upper lanai

this one is blurry, but it's for Hank! This is his favorite shaved ice place in Kona. Hank's mom took this one ;)
blurry, but for Hank

Macadamia nut encrusted shrimp
mac-nut encrusted shrimp

annnd banana mac-nut pancakes. mmm!
banana mac-nut pancakes! mmm