Tattoo Tuesday V.9

This week I am super stoked to feature Ms. Cassandra Jackson! She is one of the raddest ladies I know, and also one of the prettiest girls in the entire it's my pleasure to show her off on my blog. I've known her for awhile, and met her through my friend Elisa when she lived in Phoenix. Random fact: she baked the (delicious and amazing) vegan cupcakes Hank and I had at our wedding. :) She has awesome, awesome artwork and I'm excited to share it with all of you!

Name and blog name: cas =

Tattoo/location: hourglass on left thigh.

Artist/shop/location: seth wood. he travels. but homebase is brooklyn.

1) Tell us about the tattoo you are sharing with us- is there a background story or special meaning? Why did you choose this particular piece of art?

there is no background story or special (non obvious) meaning to any of my tattoos really. this one has morrissey lyrics from 'everyday is like sunday' and an hourglass because well, time is ticking till the end comes.

2) Do you have any other tattoos? If so, what do you have and where?

i have a few. my back is in progress with seth wood and has been for about 4 years. it's a bad brains themed monstrosity and says "i and i survive" across the top banner.

my forearms have matching coverups done by aaron coleman. and a little additional tag for the key. extra credit to anyone who knows the reference on it.

my chest was done by seth wood also. i guess the bleeding heart has meaning because i'm vegan and super liberal. i am very compassionate. angels because my mom loves angels and she is always looking out for me.

ummm and last here's me with this straight edge tattoo and a piece of veggie sushi.

3) Do you plan on getting more?

i'd like to get my feet tattooed and get my back finished. there are more tattoos that i'd like to have, but i don't know if i want to be any more heavily tattooed than i already am. we'll see. i want to get my stomach tattooed someday i guess and eventually rib panels. and there are definitely tattooers i want to get work done by soooo... ok yeah, i'll get more :)

4) How do your family and friends feel about your tattoo(s)? Have you run into any adversity or negativity because of them?

my family is accepting. they love me for who i am so the tattoos while annoying at times are accepted as a part of me. i think mostly they just worry that being heavily tattooed will hold me back in life. it's a valid concern because the fact of the matter is, it will in a lot of respects. i didn't start getting my arms tattooed until i was sure i never wanted a "real" job again. i now regret it a little bit but what's done is done so there's no point in looking back.

most of my friends have tattoos i guess. i don't know how that happened though; do we all just gravitate towards each other so we're not the only tattooed weirdos at the beach? haha. it's nice that way.

5) Any advice for those interested in getting tattooed but haven't gotten one yet?

make sure you want to be tattooed for the rest of your life. its sort of like picking out a sweater you like one day and being stuck wearing it for the rest of your days. people WILL talk to you about your tattoos. and think they can touch you and grope you and judge you openly. it is awful some days. just know that having tattoos makes you a target in a lot of negative ways so plan accordingly and have thick skin.

also pick good tattooers. don't get tattooed by someone because they are working that day or because you don't want to wait. there are a handful of amazing tattoo artists out there and the rest are fucking crap. wait for the amazing ones and let them do their own work on you. don't go to someone with a picture of exactly what you want or a tattoo you want copied. go with an idea and trust that who you chose is talented enough to make it beautiful.

i guess the best way to find a good tattoo artist is find out who other tattooers you respect are wanting to get tattooed by. that's how you know they are good.