Tuesday, Tuesday

So, in my last post I forgot to mention how fantastic it was to read all of your comments on my technology post! Thank you all so much for sharing so much with me, and everyone who visits my little corner of the internet. It's truly amazing to be able to hear from so many of you, and realize that our experiences are quite similar. It's hard to address each and every comment specifically, because I'd be spending my time doing that, rather than blogging, but I want you to know that if you ask a question or make an inquiry, I will always answer. And don't forget you can use my email, up there on the left hand side of my sidebar. I appreciate all of your kind words and encouragement so much and I read every single thing you post here. Thank you again for taking the time to comment!

Today was a good day at work. My sophomores had a vocabulary test that took most of the hour (some words from this unit: recalcitrant, parsimonious, stultify) so it was a really quiet, easy day. My Seniors and I discussed their new project- a Senior "memory book" of sorts, where they will write a memoir, and lots of personal writings about their life thus far, paired with photos, etc. It's such a fun project and they enjoy it, I think! I'm trying to get everything done before I leave for Hawaii next week, since I will be missing the last three days of the quarter. I feel so fortunate that I have a schedule where I am afforded lots of time off, and flexible time at that! This trip is just Hank's Mom and me, and I'm really glad it worked with most of my spring break. I'm bummed that I am missing She & Him with my friend Sarah in a few weeks, but I had to use my days for Hawaii, so I can't complain! :)

When I got home from work I napped for a bit and then got up and made Hank and I a quick dinner. Tonight we had Dr. Praeger's veggie burgers on Ezekial hamburger buns with spring greens/tomatoes/onions. It was a really quick and tasty dinner, and super filling! Tomorrow I think I may attempt to make veggie soba noodle salad, and if my ambitions follow through I will be sure to post the recipe. I also really want to try the lemon curd cupcakes, over at one of my new favorite blogs- Tied with a Bouw! If you haven't checked out her blog yet, definitely do so, and tell her I sent you! I just adore her writing, and all of her inspirational ideas.

Here is today's outfit- my students really liked this one! I think it's the bright colors.

cardigan- Caslan
top- Semantiks
skirt- Halogen
shoes- Target

Daily outfit

pretty textures

I also have a playlist to share. This one is definitely my most favorite that I've made so far, and I am so curious to know which artists or songs you enjoy the most from this list!

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ps. My sweet blog friend Tillie featured me on her blog recently, and I answered some fun questions! Click here to check it out.

And one more thing, my friend Erin in Alaska sent me a couple of super cute gifts from her Etsy shop, Happy Owl Crafts! You can click on the shop's name to visit, and check out her adorable creations. This is one of the head cozies she sent my way. I am loving the little bow. Thanks again, Erin!

gift from my friend Erin!

I hope all of you have the best night! xoxo

Tuesday afternoon