Summer deliciousness!

favorite warm weather snack!

I am so addicted to Cuties. They are definitely my favorite warm-weather snack and Hank and I buy them by the boxful. I just snapped this photo, and this is the fifth cutie I'm working on at the moment. SO GOOD. I'm just a huge fruit fan overall and that's basically all I eat in the summer. When the temperature goes up, anything heavy just sounds gross, so fruit is really the best choice!

As far as unhealthier snacks go, I can't get enough of Italian Ice! I was just reminiscing about Rita's Italian Ice back East. I love love love that place, and it's such a bummer that we don't have one in Arizona...or anywhere close! Whenever my family and I take our annual trip to NJ and the East Coast we go there about a million times. I also get the cherry ice and vanilla custard gelati. It's seriously to die for and Hank, my sis, and I are addicted to it.

rita's gelatis

I also need to mention another favorite summer treat- Kohl's orange and vanilla swirl cone. Unfortunately this is also an East Coast-only treat, and it can be found on the boardwalks of NJ. This photo was shot last summer at Seaside during our time there. Sigh. Why must all my favorite foods be so far away?

kohl's orange and cream- a boardwalk tradition!

I'd love to know what YOUR favorite summertime treat is! Are you an ice cream gal? Italian ice? Fruit? Do tell! :)