Another year older...

and definitely another year wiser! I love birthdays so much- I'm definitely not the type to get sad about growing another year older, I think of it as another year of life, which is pretty exciting! On my birthday I think of it kind of like New Year's Eve...I ask myself what I accomplished over the past year, and what goals I can make for the next. This upcoming year is going to be the most pivotal year of my life so far!

birthday girl ;)

So, here's to last year. It was wonderful. I fell more in love with Hank, my family, and myself. I feel like I emotionally grew a lot as a person and if I had to gauge it, I would say I'm absolutely happier than last year. In my eyes, that says success to me!

Thank you to all of you who have been a part of my life over the past year. Whether you're a family member who is reading this, an old friend, a new friend, a blog friend...someone who visits this site...thank you! Your positivity energy and support has been wonderful and I appreciate it so much!

Today's been wonderful. I slept in really late, then had a great workout. We've spent the day snacking, swimming, and sunning! Our family barbecue will be starting in a bit. It's seriously a perfect birthday. I'm off to hang out with my family. I hope all of you are having a beautiful weekend!