Tuesday update!

I cut off 3 inches and it's still LONG!

So this week has been absolutely wonderful so far. Last weekend I mentioned that Hank and I had some big news...and we definitely do- we are in the process of looking for and buying our first home! We are beyond excited, as we've been renting for what feels like ever, and we are so, so happy that we are able to do this at the perfect time. I am so excited to finally be able to make someplace our own, and even more so, decorate a nursery for our baby! We had a meeting with our realtor yesterday, and tomorrow we have about six homes to look at. We are looking for a 4 bedroom house in town, and one of our "musts" is a large yard. Prescott is absolutely beautiful, and we will most likely choose a place in a foresty area, which I am really happy about. When we first started looking I was drawn towards homes in modern subdivisions for some reason, but the more I look at these mountain homes I can't get enough. Many of them are in subdivisions anyway, just on 1/2-2 acre lots. Much better. We may end in either type of place still though, our minds are definitely open to all possibilities. But best of all is thinking about being a stay-at-home Mom in an actual home that I can make ours!

We also had a big day today- it was our monthly doctor's visit and it went really well. We got to hear the heartbeat of our little babe, and it always, always makes me so happy. It's amazing to know that his or her little heart is beating away, inside of me! The heart rate was 158 which is nice and strong. We also made our appointment for our big ultrasound to find out the gender. It's taking place on June 25th, and we are SO excited to find out if Baby H will be Henry IV (love that!) or our mystery girl name! I can't wait.

Tomorrow we are spending the afternoon looking at 6 or 7 houses and we have one beautiful home as our internet MLS favorite so far. I'm excited to see if it looks as great in person. It's completely in the woods and has 4 bedrooms, three full baths, plus an office, living room and family room. I don't know what we'd do with all of that space since we currently live in a tiny 2 bedroom, 1 bathroom house, but it's exciting to think about the possibilities. Wherever we end up, Madeline is going to have a grand old time playing in the forest amongst all the trees. You never know if the photos and virtual tour are misleading though, so I'm curious to see what all of our choices look like in person.

The rest of the week should be pretty low key. Next Thursday is my last day of school so this week we are tying up a lot of odds and ends and getting ready for finals. I will be returning to work the beginning of next year, and I'm glad I don't have to say goodbye just yet. It's going to be fun to keep busy up to the birth, and I'm going to love being around all my excited students. Like I've said before, I'm ready to be done, but I'm still looking forward to working a couple of months next year and ending on a great note before I embark on full-time Mommy-hood/house-wifery (is that a word? haha).

Well, LOST is calling my name so I am signing off. I hope all of you have the best night. Thanks again for all of your continued support, thoughtful comments and sweet sentiments. And thank you for the great mommy blog suggestions- I am slowly checking all of them out and loving what I'm finding. And as always, feel free to use my formspring over there to the left. I've had a great time answering all of your questions.

Oh, and don't forget to re-add me on Twitter and send me a hello! I'm so excited to be back on the site publicly! :)


Sweet dreams and lots of love! xoxo