Sarah Channels Emma Goldman

I recently had the intense displeasure of discovering that my camera had broken. For someone whose spare time is spent taking pictures of other people's tattoos, this was a harrowing experience, especially since my BlackBerry's camera is flash-less and takes good pictures under only specific lighting conditions.

So what's a poor inkspotter to do? Pass out his card and hope for the best.

And despite dozens of cards distributed to many people with cool tattoos, the only one who has really come through for me is Sarah, who I met last Friday on the subway platform at West Fourth Street, as I waited for the D train to Brooklyn.

Possessor of several tattoos, the one of Sarah's I spotted was on her inner left forearm. My photo was blurry and, as the D pulled into West Fourth, she handed me her card so I could follow-up with her. Thankfully, she is a woman of her word, and sent me this photo yesterday:

Since Sarah is a writer and journalist, I'll let her do the talking. You can check out her work at  her website and/or read her blog at Sarah explains:

It says "It's not my revolution if I can't dance to it"

The tattoo is my most recent, and it's a paraphrase of a possibly-apocryphal Emma Goldman quotation. It's a line that spoke to me the first time I heard it. I'm a political journalist and a feminist activist, and Goldman's always been someone I looked up to. Also, I became a political person through music, and dancing and music have a particular significance for me.

It was done by Ryoko at Brooklyn Tattoo [who we most recently saw inked Julie Powell's tattoo here] and she's super-awesome...
As a lover of type tattoos, I had inquired about the font used and Sarah did not disappoint: "the font is Garton and the words revolution and dance are in Miama".

Thanks to Sarah for sharing her tattoo with us here on Tattoosday!

Tattoo Tuesday V.24

Happy 6 months, Tattoo Tuesday! I can't believe I've been doing this for half a year already. I've absolutely loved picking and choosing interesting people and tattoos to share with all of you, and I hope you've all enjoyed this feature too! I have a ton of fascinating people and artwork lined up that I'm really looking forward to sharing here. And as always, I love submissions, or even recommendations of friends you'd like me to contact about being featured. My email is on my left hand sidebar. Before I start this week's feature, I wanted to say THANK YOU to all of you for your support and excitement. I swear, I have the BEST readers ever. :)

This week I am proud to present the ever-so-darling Kaelah Bee. She is a graphic designer out of NYC, and has a lot of super neat tattoos! Her blog is also incredibly interesting and inspiring, so I recommend that all of you check it out if you don't already make it a daily stop. I'm excited about everything Ms. Kaelah is sharing with us today, and I know you will be too!

Name and blog name: Kaelah Bee of Little Chief Honeybee (

Age: 22

Occupation: Art School Senior/Graphic Designer (art intern at BUST magazine in NYC), and Bartender.

Age of first tattoo: on my eighteenth birthday (a colorful sparrow on my right hip)

Favorite tattoo: I love every single one of them in their own way and for their own reasons, but I'm really in love with my full sleeve (which is still a work in progress). It started with a traditional style ship with the quote "I cannot change the direction of the wind, but I can adjust my sails." I've always felt it was a very powerful quote and I try to live my life with the most positive outlook possible. There's a lighthouse on the upper back of my arm that is shining through the black clouds and navigating the ship through the rough seas. The inside of my arm has a Baroque style frame and my mom's 1978 senior portrait. The lighthouse symbolizes my mom and everything she's done for me. She's my guiding light, without a doubt. The bottom half of my sleeve features a Giant Pacific Octopus (which is my second favorite animal), a treasure chest, and what will soon be an antique compass.

Featured tattoo/location: Traditional wreath of roses and a vintage sewing machine on the back of my right calf.

Artist/shop/location of featured tattoo: Laura Saadati at Music City Tattoo in Nashville, Tennessee.

1) Tell us about the tattoo you are sharing with us- is there a background story or special meaning? Why did you choose this particular piece of art?

This is my most recent piece, done just a few months ago by the wonderfully talented Laura. I knew that I wanted a piece for each my Nana and Papa on the backs of my calves. My papa passed away when I was 8 but my Nana is alive and kicking! She was a seamstress throughout her life and I wanted to showcase that with the vintage Singer sewing machine, thread and needle. I chose to have the thread done in blue as it is her favorite color. When I move back to Nashville in August Laura will be doing my other calf for my Papa. He was a stonemason his whole life and ran his own business. I'll be getting the same wreath of roses (though they'll be yellow) and rather than a sewing machine I'll be getting the masonic symbol (the compass) and a few of his tools such as a mallet and chisel.

2) Do you have any other tattoos? If so, what do you have and where?

I have a full sleeve by Jason Smith featuring a ship, lighthouse, compass, and octopus. I have "Alis Volat Propriis" written in script across my chest (also by Jason Smith) which is Latin for "She Flies With Her Own Wings". I have a half sleeve of 4 Kurt Halsey paintings, including my very favorite piece "There are places and there are opportunities." I have a colorful sparrow on my right hip which was done on my 18th birthday, and I also have the words "Art" and "Love" on my feet.

3) Do you plan on getting more?

Absolutely. So many pieces in the works currently. I'm covering up my feet with traditional roses and a teacup and teapot (I collect teacups and I'm enamored with the femininity that goes along with them). I'm saving my favorite animal (Great White Shark!) for a very large rib panel I hope to begin before too long. It's my life goal to free dive with a Great White so I think both the goal and tattoo are something I'm looking forward to working toward. I'm also planning some thigh pieces and who knows from there! I love being a heavily tattooed woman, even if it comes with it's drawbacks at times.

4) How do your family and friends feel about your tattoo(s)? Have you run into any adversity or negativity because of them?:

My entire family was never really fond of them, and I started becoming much more heavily tattooed. My mom and my Nana would both practically beg me to stop getting tattooed, but then I got my mom's portrait and one fateful (read: drunken 21st birthday) night, I spilled my guts to my mother, crying and ruining her mother's day surprise (the tattoo) by telling her how she was my hero and I had been planning this tattoo for months. Afterward I think she started realizing that all of my tattoos are so very significant and they all have so many meanings. Same goes with my Nana. I showed her the tattoo I got for her and rather than scold me for doing it, she cried and said it was the most beautiful thing in the world.

Undoubtedly, heavily tattooed people will run into the more conservative types who think if you're tattooed then you're quite obviously in a biker gang or recently sprung from prison, but I think that's one reason I'm so drawn to the lifestyle. I wear dresses every day; I don't even own a pair of pants. I try to portray myself as a classy young lady and full of femininity. I try to show the naysayers that they couldn't be more wrong about tattooed women (or people in general). The most common thing I get is "How are you going to find a job?!" but I simply assure them that I have chosen a field which is much more understanding of body modifications and if I had to hide who I was at work, how on earth could I be happy doing that for a living?

5) Any advice for those interested in getting tattooed but haven't gotten one yet?:

Research research research! I think that goes without saying. Quality over quantity! And most importantly: You get what you pay for! I think everyone should take the artwork they want to get tattooed and hang it on their mirror or somewhere they will see it everyday. Look at it for 6 months. If you still want it after 6 months, go for it. But you'll be surprised at how sick you can get of something without even realizing it.

Ganesh Waits for the A Train

Actually, Kerry was waiting on the platform for the uptown A Train when I walked by at 34th Street.

How could I not stop and ask her about this tattoo:

This absolutely stunning depiction of the Hindu deity Ganesh took between eight and nine hours to complete.

Guy Ursitti at Thicker Than Water is the tattooist responsible for this work of art, the newest (at the time I met her) of Kerry's approximately fifty tattoos.

The detail in the tattoo is absolutely incredible.

Work from Thicker Than Water has appeared previously on Tattoosday here.

Thanks to Kerry for sharing this amazing tattoo with us here on Tattoosday!
June 2010

Suri & Katie spotted leaving the Whittamore’s Farm in Markham, Ontario, Canada. Katie is in town filming her new miniseries for The History Channel, The Kennedys, with Greg Kinnear. Look for the film on TV in 2011!

Suri is wearing "I Love Dancing" Sparkle Nightgown by Carter's (on sale for only $ 9.99!)

>>just for the sake of argument, adding my thoughts on the topics discussed in comments :)

1. my daughter is 5,9 y.o. and i still DO carry her around! she is a skinny-mini, so its not very hard for me. and lately, I am asking her if she wants to be carried.. LOL. WHY am i doing this - the answers is simple - i love her and want to keep her closer to my heart, literally :) and she is the only child at this point in time, so i do cherish her and enjoy her being little as much as i can! so, i dont see anything wrong with Suri been carried around.

2. PJ's in public - my daughter would never even think about it, just because she knows that pj's/nightgowns are for bed-time only and that other kids will laugh at her if she wears a night gown to pre-school. 
so, i totally dont get it... Why Katie is not explaining to Suri "how things work" in this society..?


Sean Shares a Host of Traditional Tattoos

I ran into Sean at the Foodtown in my neighborhood and when I stopped to talk to him about his tattoos (he has nine), I ended up with photos of several pieces, all of which reside on his left arm.

Most of the designs are traditional tattoo subjects, all of which were inked by Eli Quinters at Smith Street Tattoo Parlour in  Brooklyn. Work from Smith Street Tattoo has appeared previously on Tattoosday here.

First up is this amazing lighthouse:

Sean explained that this tattoo is for his mother, as this tattoo is based on her "favorite lighthouse," the Fastnet Lighthouse on the most southerly point on the coast of Ireland.

Then there is this owl tattoo:

This was done for no other reason that Sean has always liked owls. If you love owl tattoos, be sure to head over to this site.

Then there is the elephant tattoo:

He has this piece because "elephants never forget".

I know we posted a sugar skull yesterday, but here's another one:

This was all Eli's design. Sean gave him free reign and likes the fact that it is unusual in that there are not a lot of colors in it, like one sees in most sugar skull tattoos. For all that have appeared on Tattoosday previously, check this link.

There is also the traditional female figure, not modeled after anyone in particular, just done in a traditional style:

And Sean's last tattoo is this bat:

He told Eli that he "wanted something spooky" that included the moon. Quinters free-handed this piece, starting with a white Sharpie and then finished with a darker Sharpie before finishing the tattoo.

What's neat about all of Sean's tattoos is that they flow nicely together, as readers can see elements of many of the tattoos on the borders of the photos of specific designs.

Thanks to Sean for sharing these amazing tattoos by Eli Quinters with us here on Tattoosday!

summer in Prescott


Prescott is one of my favorite towns in the entire world, and everyday of my life I feel so lucky that this is where I call home, and where we will raise our family. Hank's family has been here for three generations (baby Henry will be the fourth), and I think it's amazing to be steeped in such tradition.

It's funny that during junior year of college at NAU, Shirley and I found ourselves lost in Prescott. She had followed me up here in her car so I could drop mine off at the local VW shop in town, since there wasn't a shop in Flagstaff that my warranty included. We spent hours and hours driving around the back roads- how were we to know that Whipple St. turns into Iron Springs Rd., and Willow Creek turns in Grove?! It was horrible. But who would have known that just a few years later I'd be calling that quirky little town home.

I love Prescott because it is such a small town, having about 40,000 inhabitants (compared to Phoenix's 1.6 million). I enjoy the vibe our town exudes, I adore the downtown area, and especially how in the summer there are events every weekend. I always daydreamed about taking our kids down there on a blanket during the evening concerts on the square, walking the perimeter of the courthouse with our stroller, and enjoying quiet picnics on a weekend morning. Now that we are about to become parents, it's sunk in quite a bit more that this is the place where my children will make their memories, this is where THEY will call home for their entire lives.

Prescott is far enough away from Phoenix (120 miles) but close enough to still be able to go down and shop when the mood strikes. It's close to my family, but still feels far enough that we're making our own little life for our little family. I do hope that one day my parents and sister move up here, but it has been nice to have a place away from home that I've made our home. Whenever our friends and family come visit, they always remark how much they love it up north. The weather is cooler, we get all four seasons, and the summers are completely manageable, staying in the 80s at most.

This weekend was a typical Prescott weekend. Each year we hold a Bluegrass Festival where hundreds of musicians flock to our town to play on the big stage, and also enjoy a weekend with fellow enthusiasts and fans. Although there is a large stage set up on Gurley Street, it's common to see twenty or so small groups of musicians on the opposite side of the courthouse playing music. It's a fabulous weekend, full of good music and fun people, and this time I was able to enjoy it on Saturday, and also stroll around a bit today with Amber following our yummy brunch at The Dinner Bell.

Bluegrass Festival

Amber and me

summertime Amber Joy


my darling friend Crystal (you've probably seen her on this blog quite a bit, she visits us often!)

Crystal and Hank

one of the many smaller groups of musicians
small group of musicians

So all in all it was a great weekend, spent with my family and our friends. It was awesome to have my parents and sister come up on Friday, and we spent the afternoon eating lunch at Bill's Pizza with Hank's Mom, step dad and sister, and then of course had to do some baby shopping before they headed back down the mountain. It's been two days but I'm still riding high from the amazing ultrasound, and it seems like everywhere I look now I see adorable little boys. I can't help but think about our Henry. What will he be like? Who will he look like? My heart is so full of love for this little guy that I can't wait until he arrives and we can shower him with affection!

The weekend is almost over, even though for a teacher the summer is one huge weekend, and I have quite the to-do list for the evening, after we get home from dinner. Now the countdown begins for the 4th of July, one of my favorite times up here in Prescott! My family and Autumn's family will be coming up to spend the weekend with us and I cant' wait. I hope whatever you did over the past few days you've had a great time, and Happy Monday tomorrow, to all of you!

Sugar Skull Sunday - One From Ryan

Since I seem to capture more sugar skulls than any other design, why not reserve a day just for these decorative symbols which, at their roots, have deep religious significance?

Two weeks ago, I met Ryan, who has ten tattoos.

Of that lot, he offered up this design on his left bicep, which Charlie Foos created for him at FlyRite Studios in Brooklyn.

Charlie Foos is now at Read Street Tattoo Parlour in Baltimore.

Aside from the traditional nature of the sugar skull tattoo, Ryan also loves Mexico and this design recalls that beautiful and diverse culture south of the border.

Thanks to Ryan for sharing this decorative tattoo with us on Tattoosday!

Work from Charlie Foos has appeared previously on Tattoosday here.
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Tattoosday posts tagged Reade Street Tattoo Parlour are here.

These are a few (more) of my favorite things...


I've recently read some great books lately, that I thought I would share with all of you!

The Opposite of Me, by Sarah Pekkanen - click here to view via Amazon.

The summary on Amazon gives too much away, so click above if you want to order it, but I'd suggest refraining from actually reading the synopsis; it gives away the entire book! In summation, all you need to know that is that this book is about relationships between sisters, between oneself and who you "think" you are, and also who you really are. It's about coming into your own, following your passion, and realizing that life might not be what you've always pictured it to be, but that can be the perfect thing for you.

This book is part chick-lit book, part tearjerker (not in a Notebook way, more in a gentle tears in my eyes during various parts of the book kinda way)...and I really, really loved it. It's a great "beach read" kind of novel without being stupid or annoying, like a lot of those books are to me. I do love some Shopaholic-type books from time to time, but overall I find them to be mindless, and I often find myself getting irritated with the writing. I found this book to be witty, intelligent, and honest, and I couldn't put it down. It's a longer book, at almost 400 pages, and I found myself engrossed the entire time. I HIGHLY recommend it to all of you, and if you end up reading it please, please let me know what you think.

The second book I finished recently was a memoir called Falling Apart in One Piece: One Optimist's Journey Through the Hell of Divorce, by Stacy Morrison. Click here to view it via Amazon.


The emotionally charged story of a divorce that brought the surprising gift of grace...

Just when Stacy Morrison thought everything in her life had come together, her husband of ten years announced that he wanted a divorce. She was left alone with a new house that needed a lot of work, a new baby who needed a lot of attention, and a new job in the high-pressure world of New York magazine publishing.

Morrison had never been one to believe in fairy tales. As far as she was concerned, happy endings were the product of the kind of ambition and hard work that had propelled her to the top of her profession. But she had always considered her relationship with her husband a safe place in her often stressful life. All of her assumptions about how life works crumbled, though, when she discovered that no amount of will and determination was going to save her marriage.

For Stacy, the only solution was to keep on living, and to listen—as deeply and openly as possible—to what this experience was teaching her.

Told with humor and heart, her honest and intimate account of the stress of being a working mother while trying to make sense of her unraveling marriage offers unexpected lessons of love, forgiveness, and dignity that will resonate with women everywhere.

This book popped up in my recommendations while I was browsing Amazon in search of books to put on my Kindle. As you probably already know, I love memoirs. I wasn't too sure about the topic of this book, but I had a sample sent to my Kindle anyway and began reading. Immediately I was engrossed in the writer's unique and wordy style. I'm not sure if it's for everyone though- she REALLY gets in her own head and the writing shows that. It's part story, part stream on consciousness that explains every single thing the writer is thinking about, why she is thinking it, and where this thinking gets her. Personally, I adored it. Everything she said made a lot of sense, and coming from someone who is happily married, I thought it was interesting to see the other side of things, especially from someone who never thought she'd be there. I found so many of her insights to affect me quite deeply- her thoughts on parenting, marriage, self, what it means to be a woman...all of it was hard hitting and although incredibly poignant, still extremely uplifting. I loved the author's writing style and couldn't put this book down either.


It's Complicated

I've always loved Meryl Streep and she's one of my all-time favorite actresses. It's amazing, but the older she gets, the more amazing she gets. I find her to be incredibly inspiring, and this movie is no different. I highly recommend to everyone- you will laugh (hard), you'll cry, you'll think about your life and where it's headed. It's another one of those movies that makes you think, but it's not one of those movies that throws anything in your face. It's more of an underlying "hmm..." as you watch it, and especially afterward. Go rent it!

The second movie I'm recommending is quite different from the first.

Whatever Happened to Baby Jane?

I love love love movies like this. Dark, macabre, suspenseful. My all-time favorite movie is Rosemary's Baby, and this movie has that same feeling. I've had it recommended to me a million times but Hank and I only just watched it for the first time a couple of weeks ago when it was on Netflix Instant Play. We were both immediately engulfed in the strange way this movie sucks you in. You have to see it! Let me know what you think if you do.


I've tried quite a few new beauty products over the past couple of weeks and I wanted to recommend one and NOT recommend the other. The first is a product I've mentioned on this blog before. It's the belly cream that Autumn had me get when I became pregnant.

Great Mother's Belly Butter for Babybearing Women- click here to view via

OH MY GOSH you guys, I LOVE this stuff. I will continue to use it even after I have Henry, because it's truly amazing. It's a thick cream/body butter kind of stuff that goes on pretty greasy. Greasy would probably bring about negative connotations, so try to think of it as a pleasant greasiness, and that fades as it sinks into the skin. There's no petroleum in it, so it is actually absorbed and used by your body to heal, prevent and repair.

Ingredients: Cocoa Butter, Olive Oil, Coconut Oil, Comfrey Root, Wheat Germ Oil, Calendula, Marshmellow Root, Hawthorn Berry, White Oak Bark, Red Raspberry Leaf, Passion Flower, Vitamin E, Pure Essential Oil

Due to it's heavy consistency I apply it only before I go to sleep, but I apply it everywhere I feel a little dry, not just my belly. I've had issues in the past with a small eczema like dry patch on both of my forearms and this completely took that problem away. At $20 a 4 oz. jar it's a little pricey, but if you order from and then search for coupon codes at you can get anywhere between $20-30 off your order. I love this stuff and I think it's totally worth it!

The second product I am sharing but NOT recommending is Chanel's Double Perfection Compact- click here to view via

This product initially got me really excited. One of my formspring commenters recommended it to me, and I ordered it right away, after reading online that it was oil-free and wouldn't clog pores. I have extremely sensitive skin, so I need to be careful, but even the reviews on were favorable for sensitive skin, so I took the plunge and ordered it. At first I liked it. Alone and dry, the powder (which is supposed to be of a foundation consistency) wasn't enough coverage, and to me was just like my Laura Mercier translucent finishing powder, which is in no way foundation. I found though that if I layered it over my Almay foundation it gave me a nice MAC Studio-Fix-ish look, without the breakout (or so I thought). I also tried it wet, which make the formula thicker and allowed it to work better on its own.

As time went by, I started to breakout. For some reason I didn't attribute this to the makeup- I'm pregnant with crazy hormones so of course it was my body. But I decided to stop using it for a week, and my skin went back to normal during that time. I haven't used the powder again and have had NO breakouts! I'm so annoyed with myself that I used the product for almost a month, dealing with imperfect skin, thinking it was little baby Henry's fault! ;) It was all the powder. And for $50, that's no good. So, my verdict is that this product may work for someone else, but NOT for me! No thank you.

I hope you guys enjoyed this mini-recommendation post! Let me know if you end up reading, watching or trying any of these things! I hope all of you have a wonderful Sunday.

ps, thanks again for all the congratulations about our happy news! Baby Henry is already so loved and I feel lucky to have such a great support system here on this blog! Love to all of you.
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June 2010

Suri & Katie went out for some shopping in Toronto on Thursday, 24.
Katie is in Toronto to film the scenes for an eight-part History Channel miniseries, "The Kennedys," in Cobourg.

Suri is wearing Sequin Heart Tee in Light Ginger by Crewcuts,

dressed down by a pair of Black Leggings and

paired with Printed Floral Ballets Flats w/strap also by Crewcuts (from SS'09 collection).

Suri has shown an early love for the nail polish and has finished up her casual look with Nail Polish in Pink by ESSIE (available at crewcuts).

Suri is also carrying newly purchased Vibes Mint Tiger by Wild Repbulic (for the best online price you can purchase it here).
June 2010
Suri spotted leaving their NYC apartment with Katie & Isabella on Tuesday, 22.

Suri is covered in "homemade tattoos" - new body art trend? :)

Suri is wearing Asymmetrical Ruffle Dress in Orange from Sunset Collection by GAP, wich she first wore on May 31st 2009, while shopping at Janie and Jack Boutique in LA.


Thanks for the video to Karli from Popsugar

PS>> sorry, for the slow updates but iam on vacation w/very slow internet till 7/4.

Katie's Tattoos: A Tribute and a Memorial

I met Katie on 34th Street one afternoon when I stopped to ask her about her foot tattoo:

This tribute piece on her left foot is for her cousin, whose initials are JMS. The letters sit astride the ribbon designating awareness for the disease Multiple Sclerosis (MS). The two feet represent the fact that she helps raise awareness in the fight against MS by participating in an MS Walk each year.

For more information on MS, visit the National Multiple Sclerosis Society's website here.

Katie also shared with me these wings on the back of her neck:

The initials "MCF" refer to her brother Mark, who was killed with a friend a few years back when a train struck them. This memorial piece ensures that her brother is always with her.

Katie's tattoos were inked by Spencer at Fat Kat Tattoos in Keyport, New Jersey. Work from  Fat Kat has appeared previously on Tattoosday here.

Thanks to Katie for sharing two of her four tattoos with us here on Tattoosday!

Oh, Henry!

Oh Henry indeed!

I am on a serious mission to find cute, cute boys clothing. I just tweeted about this, but baby girl's stuff is ultra adorable and for me, it's hard to find as cute of things for boys. I am definitely up for a challenge though, so I am determined to bring the CUTE into little Henry's world.

I'm instantly drawn to a lot of little button ups and polos, as well as simple jeans and tees, and I am kicking myself for not buying the little bitsy Penguin button ups and polos at Nordstrom Rack a few months ago. Alas, it would have been far too early to purchase something for a tentative boy, but now I am going to scour their sales racks in the hopes of finding a few. As much as I do love adorable clothing though, they're BABY clothes, and they grow out of them so quickly that I refuse to buy anything super expensive as far as clothes. I just can't justify spending money on something that will be obsolete to them in a month! So sales are definitely my friend.

I'm also really looking forward to decorating a nursery, whenever we find a house! I have a color scheme all ready to go, so now the house hunting continues, and hopefully end sometime soon, right?! :)

Soo, do any of you have little boys? Where are some of your favorite places to shop for them?

OH! Also: cloth diapers. I'd love to know which ones are the best, worth trying, etc! I've already said I really, really want to use them, but I know nothing about them so I figure I should research a bit before I commit. Any information is greatly appreciated!


It's a...


We are just so excited. Hank was convinced that we were having a girl (and I know deep down he wanted a boy), so when our technician announced the gender he just about died from excitement and surprise. It was also super reassuring to hear that every single thing, from the baby's thigh bones to brain to fingers to lips, were perfectly developed. Very relieving.

Hank and I are both the oldest in our families, so it's amazing to think about our next little ones having a big brother. It was truly a beautiful experience- we both definitely cried and it was just so neat to see baby Henry moving around like crazy! Legs and arms flailing, mouth opening and was so awesome. He calmed down a bit towards the end and we got some good photos of him as well. He is definitely, 100% boy (I made the technician check multiple times), and he'll be taking his Daddy's name, making him Henry Clarence Hampton IV. A big name for a little guy, but so adorable! I feel SO lucky that I love the name, if I didn't, I think I would feel too guilty to break the tradition! haha.

Here are a couple of the ultrasound photos from today. Before I was pregnant, these photos always looked like blobs to me, so it's funny now to be the person who's like "see the hand?! the foot?!" to poor, clueless friends and family members who nod and smile and say "oh, yes, what a cute baby!" It makes me laugh.

Here's our little boy!

sweetest little foot

Thanks again for all the kind words and sweet sentiments all of you have left here on my blog, through email, and my formspring. I feel like through this entire journey I've had hundreds of you behind me every step of the way and for that I am so grateful.

I can't wait to be a Mommy to this wonderful, perfect little boy.
June 2010

Suri with TomKat spotted arriving to NYC by helicopter on Monday, 21.

later, S&K were joined by Isabella on their run around NYC.
Suri was wearing her favorite Pajama Gown by Esme, all day long.

Leyna's Balloon Keeps Her Grounded

Leyna was leaving the Borders at 2 Penn Plaza when I spotted one of her tattoos and asked about it.

This was the tattoo in question:

It is located on the back of her left leg, on the calf.

The design was inspired by the cover art from the Modest Mouse record We Were Dead Before the Ship Even Sank.

Leyna thought the anchor was cool, and she feels it is a good representation of herself in her 20's.

The tattoo was inked by Derik Snell at Hand of Glory Tattoo in Brooklyn. He liked the design because he had never tattooed a hot air balloon before. Work from Hand of Glory has appeared previously on Tattoosday here.

Another one of Leyna's tattoos  caught my eyes, as well:

This two-word snippet, "ecstatic and insatiate" is an excerpt from Allen Ginsberg's Howl. I'd speak more about it, but it appeared first on the most awesome blog, Contrariwise. I'd direct you over here to read what Leyna had to say about this tattoo, and encourage you to linger about and check out the seemingly endless array of literary ink.

Thanks again to Leyna for sharing her tattoos with us here on Tattoosday!