It's a...


We are just so excited. Hank was convinced that we were having a girl (and I know deep down he wanted a boy), so when our technician announced the gender he just about died from excitement and surprise. It was also super reassuring to hear that every single thing, from the baby's thigh bones to brain to fingers to lips, were perfectly developed. Very relieving.

Hank and I are both the oldest in our families, so it's amazing to think about our next little ones having a big brother. It was truly a beautiful experience- we both definitely cried and it was just so neat to see baby Henry moving around like crazy! Legs and arms flailing, mouth opening and was so awesome. He calmed down a bit towards the end and we got some good photos of him as well. He is definitely, 100% boy (I made the technician check multiple times), and he'll be taking his Daddy's name, making him Henry Clarence Hampton IV. A big name for a little guy, but so adorable! I feel SO lucky that I love the name, if I didn't, I think I would feel too guilty to break the tradition! haha.

Here are a couple of the ultrasound photos from today. Before I was pregnant, these photos always looked like blobs to me, so it's funny now to be the person who's like "see the hand?! the foot?!" to poor, clueless friends and family members who nod and smile and say "oh, yes, what a cute baby!" It makes me laugh.

Here's our little boy!

sweetest little foot

Thanks again for all the kind words and sweet sentiments all of you have left here on my blog, through email, and my formspring. I feel like through this entire journey I've had hundreds of you behind me every step of the way and for that I am so grateful.

I can't wait to be a Mommy to this wonderful, perfect little boy.