Date nights are the best nights!

Whenever Hank and I are on vacation, although we spend most of our time together, we still always try to carve out a night or two specifically for "date night." Today was really busy, so once the convention was over today we headed over to one of our favorite restaurants in San Diego, Jyoti-Bihanga. You can click here to visit the restaurant's website. It's a vegetarian restaurant that our friends Ben and Kati originally turned us on to a few years ago. One of their most popular dishes is also one of my favorite things to order there...the vegetarian meatloaf (neatloaf as they call it) dinner. It comes with a super-tasty slice of the loaf, with a side of mashed potatoes and mushroom gravy. True comfort food at it's finest. We've been there numerous times and we've never been disappointed. After we had to run by Pinkberry to get some cones, which topped off a great evening spent together.

date night in San Diego

Although we've been really busy I've still managed to fit in something quite exciting and new to me...HARRY POTTER! Yes, it's taken me this long to finally begin the series and I have to say, I'm about halfway through book one and so in love with it. It's great to know that I have all the books to read straight through. I think it would be the same kind of satisfaction you'd get from just starting LOST now, and being able to watch every episode in a row. Yesterday I asked via twitter if I should read each book and then watch each movie, or read all then view all (once they come out with the rest). I got a lot of feedback, and based on the responses I've decided to read them in a row, then enjoy the films in a row. It's exciting to me to have SO much to read and so many books to enjoy. Talk about a time filler! So, I'm on this Harry Potter journey and I'll be here for awhile. I'll be sure to update on how I'm liking the books as I read through them.

Other than that, tomorrow I will again be spending the day with a long-time (since birth!) family friend! I'm so excited to finally meet her husband and spend some time together. Then we will be heading home and I go back to work in just about ten days...and the kids arrive on August 9th. By that time I will just finishing up my second trimester which is just wild to me to think that we'll have less than 100 days to go.

I know I am due for a pregnancy/belly update but I'm going to wait until Sunday to do that, since there isn't a good backdrop for a belly pic here. I'll be back then!