Angelique Houtkamp

Oh, Angelique! I love this woman's artwork so very much and yesterday after sharing my phone's background image via twitter (click here), I found that a lot of my friends didn't know who this wonderful artist was. So of course I felt it necessary to write a little blog about the wonderful-ness that is Angelique Houtkamp.

Angelique is a Dutch tattooist living in Amsterdam and didn't actually start drawing or painting until she was 30! I started getting into her a few years ago, and fell in love with her traditional yet beautiful artwork. I typically love everything she creates, and Hank and I both really adore each of her books. A handful of my friends have A.H. inspired pieces, and my next tattoo will be just that. I can't wait.

Be sure to check out her site by clicking this link and really take in all of her beautiful projects, paintings, and prints. You can buy everything via her website (which I recommend since the money goes directly to her), but if the books aren't available there you can always buy them via Amazon, and I highly recommend doing so. You definitely won't be disappointed. I find something new to be inspired by every time I flip through them, and they're a great addition to any coffee table or library. She also recently came out with a line drawing book that we can't wait to get.

Here's my most favorite print of hers on our wall:

"Marie," home from the framers!

and a closer image from the framer's shop:

dropping off one of my gifts at the framer's

I'm really excited to have a wall full of her prints (and hopefully one day an original painting) at the new house. She's incredibly inspiring to me, and really shows that tattoo art is truly beautiful. I hope if you didn't know about her before, you possibly found a new artist to fall in love with via this post. And if you already were a fan, then I hope her artwork brightened your day a bit!

Happy Friday everyone!

*all images property of Angelique Houtkamp and were found via google images or via her site, linked above.