snapshot of moving

Well, this weekend was a wonderful, busy one...and quite the important one, since we spent both days moving into our new home! So yes, we are officially here and officially home owners. What a happy, exciting time. I'm so thankful it all worked out, and just overjoyed with everything. It's still surreal. I had no time to blog all weekend, and besides we had no internet but I have to say how much I enjoyed just focusing on my family and our huge task at hand, rather than being online for any amount of time. Even though I am a obviously a huge of the whole internet world, I also really like taking breaks from it and I think its necessary in order to keep enjoying it. Besides, the "real world" is so much more fun! But anyway, my parents and sister came up for the weekend and helped us pack and move into our new place, get our old place cleaned and in order, and just overall were the biggest help in the entire world. I'm so thankful for them.



I am currently typing this from new family room and like I mentioned above it's truly surreal to be here, getting settled into our HOME! We've been busier than ever these past few days getting everything done, from our appliances getting delivered, furniture, utilities, you name it. Hank and my Dad also spent some time starting to put together some of Henry's baby furniture. It's crazy to go into his bedroom and just think about the fact that he is going to be here so soon, in that room, in that crib, using that changing table, having clothes in that closet. Madeline is also loving having all of this space and she runs from bedroom to bedroom exploring and re-exploring. It makes me happy to see her so happy!

I will be back tomorrow with Tattoo Tuesday, but I wanted to make a quick update before I head to sleep. Goodnight!

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