A slice of...Orange County!

for my new blog feature

Good morning! Today I am so excited to feature one of my all-time favorite blogging ladies, Diana on this little weekly segment! Many of you also probably know her and love her (hello, how could you not?), but if you don't it's a MUST to hop over to her blog, http://www.ourcitylights.org/ and check out all of her wonderfully inspiring posts, witty entries, and beautiful photos. I was excited when Diana agreed to share a bit of her town, and I think you'll definitely enjoy what she's created for us here. Thank you Diana, you're the best!

Why I love my town

I was born and raised in Orange County, California. Growing up in suburban neighborhood doesn't seem very exciting, but on the outskirts of my neighborhood, there are tons of museums, beautiful parks, the best schools in the US, and the most beautiful beaches. When at times it seems a little too conservative for my taste (this was after all where Evangelism was born), I'm struck with the amazement of the culture I wish I would have noticed years earlier.

Top Five Places/Things/Etc.

In N Out

Living in OC, you take the things for granted that may seem are on every corner, such as the iconic In n Out restaurant. If you ever drive by one, there is always a line of tourists. The reason it’s so delicious is the 100% fresh food In n Out provides. The quality of food comes directly from farms in California. It won’t taste the same if the food is frozen and shipped off to NY. As you are ordering the food, you can see fresh potatoes being peeled to make the fries. There is also the not-so-secret-menu. From “animal style fries” (chili fries with cheese and special sauce), to their delicious shakes, people will wait hours in line for them. If I ever see an In N Out, it not only looks like home, it tastes like home.


If there was ever an item to represent Orange County besides the orange, it would be a pair of Vans. Vans not only began in OC, but the original skater shoe represents what Orange County is, laid back. From skateboarding to wakeboarding, to even having it’s own tour (the Warped Tour), Vans began it’s humble shop in Anaheim, CA.

If you grew up in OC, the shoe is universal. Regardless of what your parents did for a living, whether you were a skater or a nerd, or a boy with Authentics, a girl with pink Chukka’s or a mom running errands in her white Classic Slip-Ons, this was the status of coolness. 29 years later, growing up in the OC, it’s great to see the popularity and international recognition of the shoe is the ultimate representation of my hometown.


You can’t watch an Orange County show (think The OC, or Laguna Beach) without a shot of the glistening beaches OC has to offer. It doesn’t matter what beach one chooses to relax in, they are equally beautiful. The best part of the beach? It’s free! You can pay a small fee for yacht rides and carnival rides, but walking the boardwalk, the sands, the cool waters, watching the surfers, but it’s the best mini-vacation. All that is needed is a beach towel, your favorite book or a loaded Kindle, some cute sunnies, SPF, and you are on your way to experience why OC is so casual and relaxed.

Orange Circle/Antique Mall

The Orange Circle is the place to visit if you want to see, shop, taste, experience all senses of OC. Chapman University’s film department allows tons of movies from Hollywood to be filmed the area, including “That Thing You Do”, all filmed in The Orange Circle. After decades, the community has dedicated to preserve the historical value. You can find anything and everything from historical documents preserved from WWII, to what face cream our great grandma’s used. As quickly as modernization is sorrounding the rest of OC, The Orange Circle is one area that will bring you back to the same place our grandparents grew up in.


Disneyland is legendary. People from on the other side of the world travel just to get a picture with Mickey Mouse, Walt Disney’s first character come to life. Disneyland is the dream Walt had all his life, a place to bring families together, have magic come to life, a real fantasy world come true. After having a Disneyland pass for almost a decade, it’s a great way to spend an evening, walking down Mainstreet, watching the fireworks, and eating a churro. The prices may have changed, and the regulars are no longer strangers in the park, but one thing is for certain- the park really does exude magic.